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The Resolutions of 132/18 - Left of Center

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Serj Tankian - Left of Center

April 6th.
Two Months and Twenty-Four Days

Jimmy Wales' Point of View.

I sat in my office, at the topmost floor of Wikipedia's Capital City.

Somewhere, I could feel Golden Fang and Tabuu releasing their full powers. They must be in some trouble.

I had felt other auras I couldn't identify, but they were all incredibly powerful, even bordering on some of the lower members of the Great Twenty. They were most certainly Ruin's cronies.

Not quite how you imagine your nephew to turn out.

There was a knock at my door.

I walked to it, and opened it.

A blade pressed against my neck.

"We're taking this to the roof," Ruin said, "I want a fair fight. Make a false move, and I'll fully extend and see how long you can survive without your throat."

"What do you want?"

"You know exactly what I want, Uncle."

Ruin smirked, allowing a tear of blood to slide down his pale face.

Chapter Eighteen

Left of Center

Tabuu's Point of View.

I ran on all fours, dodging volleys of energy blasts that Lust sent at me. Lust held both of it's hands outwards, charging a polar-white energy sphere in one hand and a jet-black ball in the other.

"Cynd's Art," Lust shouted, "Steward's Art, Remorê! Reaper's Art, Oscura!"

The conflicting energies fused into a single sphere, like a yin-yang symbol.

"Remorê Oscura!" Lust screamed.

A beam of devastating power fired directly at me, and I smirked.

I opened my maw wide, and the beam was caught by my armor and my own mouth.

I howled, sending the energy right back at Lust.

There was a massive explosion, and I dashed at Lust, borderline breaking the sound barrier.

Lust tried futilely to respond with a meager ball of energy, but I slashed it aside with my right paw.

I pounced a final time, and the armor shattered. Lust's eyes widened in surprise as my body quickly returned from wolf to human, and Golden Fang materialized as a lance in my right hand, which I charged with energy and threw, impaling Lust in the chest and sending it flying through the sky.

It went on for miles, until I finally said the command.


There was an explosion that lit up the entire night with a scarlet red.

After a few moments, it faded.


I turned.

Covered from head to toe in a thick, black substance, was Scarecrow. Black, monstrous hands made out of the same material reached out in every direction, and the mask he always wore around his neck was now on his face.

But it had come alive. The eyes moved and the mouth moved with breathing and speaking.

"What the hell...!?"

"I am Murzon. You almost killed my container..."

"Container? Look, I'm really not in the fucking mood for this. Just give Scarecrow his body back."

"His body!? Ha! Ah-ha! Scarecrow thought he could put me away! H-he thought that he could throw me away! I'm all he has! His parent, his friend! All he has and needs is m-"

I grabbed the mask with one hand.

"I warned you." I forcefully pulled the mask off of Scarecrow's face, bringing the black substance with it. All of the whatever-the-fuck-it-was was promptly absorbed into the mask, and it was back to normal, looking as deceitfully harmless as before.

I threw the mask over the edge of the roof, somewhere into the forest.

I looked down at Scarecrow.

Whatever Murzon had done, he had saved him, because his wounds were all healed. He was in a state of almost comatose sleep.

I picked him up, and set him on my shoulder, walking across the roof and down into Headquarters.

After reporting to Blusk, and setting Scarecrow into a bunk, I teleported back into my apartment in MarioWiki, and stumbled onto my bed, falling face-first into the pillow and immediately into sleep, putting an end to long, long day.

Author's Note: I already have the Season Finale written down on paper, but I wasn't able to type it up today. I'll handle it tomorrow, first thing I get home. Read, review, you know the drill.

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