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The Resolutions of 132/17 - Old School Hollywood

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System of a Down - Old School Hollywood

April 6th.
Two Months and Twenty-Four Days

Suddenly, I was standing back on the dirt road, beside Walkazo. Ruin shut his visible eye, and vanished. There was an agonizing burst of pain from my left eye, and I screamed, clutching at it and falling to my knees.

"Are you okay!?"

Walkazo got down beside me.

The pain had stopped.

Then I realized I could no longer see out of my left eye.


"Alex, your hands!"

"I know."

I said it grimly, putting my hands in front of myself and viewing them with the eye still capable of sight.

They were covered in blood.

Chapter Seventeen

Old School Hollywood

Tabuu's Point of View.

I stood beside Scarecrow, arms crossed. We were watching the night, atop the domed roof of the Council's Headquarters. The icy cold wind blew my robes around, and the full moon shined down on us both.

"We have three people missing in action," Scarecrow said, "Walkazo, Alex, and Scorpion. Nalia and Skell were both, as you know, attacked by Sloth. They barely got away. Do you think-"

"Shut the fuck up, Scarecrow!" I didn't know where the anger had come from, and Scarecrow looked visibly surprised at my reaction, "They're our comrades! Christ, can't you just hope that they'll come back alive!?"

Scarecrow sighed, and shut his eyes. "I'm just saying, Tabuu. We're facing enemies like we've never seen before. For we know, they could all be dead."

I was about to retort, but then Scarecrow put a finger.

"Did you hear that?" he asked.

I listened to the night, then heard it.

Footsteps. Behind us.

Scarecrow's eyes widened as a black, bladed gauntlet tore through his back, and protruded out of his chest. The hand pulled back out, then Scarecrow stumbled, and fell into a growing puddle of his own blood.

I turned to the owner of the gauntlet.


There was something wrong. Something within me screamed- a familiar voice, no doubt- that something was wrong. But no, another voice, Grapes' voice said, it was just fine.

She did that smile I loved so much.

She gave me a hug, pressing her breasts against my chest, the familiar scent of her perfume intoxicating me, making me a little dizzy. Was it finally happening? Was I about to get with the girl of my dreams?


I saw a flash of Cyria within my inner world, shouting at me, THAT ISN'T GRAPES, DAMNIT!

Then another flash, and the girl I was hugging was a blank figure in white robes.

Just as quick as they came, they left, and I could no longer hear the spirit of my weapon, and Grapes looked completely normal. And I forgot about it.

That is, until Grapes shoved her hand through my stomach.

Like television interference, her disguise began to fizz in and out- a mysterious white robed figure, then Grapes.

"Sorry, Harper." she said, "I don't know who you see me as. I hope the sight of them comforts you. But I'm just doing my job- putting you out of commission for a bit. Don't take it personally."

She kissed me.

It tasted like dust.

It was wrong, all wrong.

"My name is Lust," she said, "I am of no specific gender. I appear as the object of the viewer's desires- generally unique to each person. I am of the Sins and of the Cynds. Goodnight."

I reached inside of myself, and built up Cyria's energy in my chest.

"What're you doing?"

I let it build up, then smirked.

I howled, releasing a maelstrom of Golden Fang's trademark scarlet energy.

I began to transform, becoming one with Cyria's power.

My body morphed and changed, and I stood on all fours. My hands and feet were replaced with paws, and my hair went all around my body, becoming fur. I felt my jaw make the final change, and then I was a wolf wearing black robes. Shards of Golden Fang all came together to form a golden armor over me, including a helm in the shape of a wolf's open maw.

I gave a wolfish smirk, and leaped at my prey.

"Fine then, pup!" Lust screeched, "Let's play!"

Yes, let's.