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The Resolutions of 132/16 - Blind

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Seether - Eyes of The Devil

April 6th.
Two Months and Twenty-Four Days

Alex's Point of View, Later that Night.

I pointed my scythe at my opposition.

“Fire!” I shouted, sending a ball of molten flame at it, causing it to burst into ash.

Walkazo and I had been walking back to the HQ, and were ambushed by these...things. They had the body shape of mannequins, with a closed zipper where their mouths should have been. The tops of their heads were covered in what looked like red paint. Their eyes were sewn shut, they had no ears or real face shape, almost no distinguishing features from each other, in fact, except that they all spawned times two each time one was killed, and with varying weapons.

But the scary part?

They were made of flesh.

Chapter Sixteen


I slashed the head off of one of the flesh-mannequins, and shouted out to Walkazo.


She leaped into the air, and I stabbed my weapon into the ground.

“Freeze!” I casted Blizzaga into the ground. Ice crystals shot in every direction from that point, and completely froze the creatures. Walkazo landed, and slipped on the ice. I swiftly caught her before she fell, and using the momentum gained by her weight, I was twirled in a circle that an ice skater would be proud of.

I held out my scythe.


I sent out a massive, circular fire ring in all directions. The reaction was instantaneous- the ice quickly melted into hot vapor, and the enemies themselves evaporated as well.

They didn't re spawn.


I turned.

A woman- I could tell it was a woman because of the body shape- in white, hooded robes with red designs was clapping slowly, standing atop a tree branch across from Walkazo and I.

“Fighting off my Corpus...I appreciate the effort.”

She leaped down from the tree, and landed in front of me and Walkazo.

“Who are you?” I demanded, holding out Belial at the stranger.

“I'm glad you asked,” she said, holding out her right hand in front of her face, “I am the woman formerly known as Melinda Cynd. I am Wrath.”

In a blaze of blue flames, a long, jagged dagger appeared in Melinda's right hand, and she promptly grasped it. She got into a low stance, and held her left hand out behind her, conjuring another one of the daggers. The handles were black, and the blades themselves looked like dark-blue, jagged lightning bolts.

She lunged.

I blocked both of her knives with my scythe, and casted Reflaga, causing a magical, spherical shield to appear around me. She struck at the shield with incredible speed, moving beyond my eyes ability to analyze, and then, the shield shattered.

She was through, and she stabbed one of the daggers for my chest.


Wrath screeched as her weapon was knocked skyward, and her hand sliced open. Walkazo held her scythe, Pantaro, having just slashed the weapon out of Melinda's hand.

Melinda Cynd lunged at Walkazo, who swiftly grabbed her remaining dagger arm in mid-thrust and twisted it, flipping Wrath over. Wrath rolled to land back on her feet, and threw the dagger directly at Walkazo's heart.

There was a flash of white.

Ruin appeared before us, holding the blue dagger barely a centimeter from Walkazo's chest.

“Mother,” he said, turning back at us and smirking, “Now is not the time. We have other matters to attend to.”

Wrath muttered angrily, and snapped her fingers, causing both of her daggers to disappear. She stomped the ground, causing a white portal to appear at her feet, which she fell through.

It closed behind her, leaving us with Nalia's estranged brother, Ruin.

Ruin, however, didn't seem interested. He simply turned, and walked off.

I felt insulted.

“Hey, what the hell was that all about!?”

Ruin paused.

He turned his head back slightly, making one of his red eyes visible. I stared into it, defiant, waiting for an answer.

Blood gathered, and slid down his cheek.

And then.

I was tossed off my feet, and falling into empty, dead space.

I was thousands of light years away from the Milky Way, floating in the ether, but able to breathe. Suddenly, gravity, despite my current location, started acting normally, and I set foot down on a giant, flaming asteroid, which actually did no harm to me at all.

Ruin appeared before me, floating in the empty space.

“This is a family issue,” he said, “there's no need for unnecessary deaths. Especially when you can all prove to be quite useful.”

“Family issue? Damn right! Taking out your parent's eyes and then making them your mindless slaves? The fuck, man!?”

His expression darkened, but he seemed to be holding back anger.

“I needed to see again.” He explained.

“See again? What?”

“The Cynds draw their power from their eyes,” he said, pointing at his own, “and when they are over-exerted, we go blind, and we soon die. My mother and my father- I needed an eye from two of my kin- volunteered to give their eyes up for me. They needn't worry, since they had never entered one of the transformation states. I was born in one of these, and I would have died because of how long I'd been under.”

He sighed, and put his head down.

“When I took their eyes, they entered the forms for the first times, because their powers fluctuated dramatically after I'd given my own in trade. It caused them to enter the first, mindless state- Chirrido. I didn't have a choice. I killed them.”

I didn't know what to say.

“My vision is always fading. I always need eyes- more eyes from my family members. Eventually, I was forced to also take my parent's eyes from their dead bodies, but they didn't work nearly as well. My vision only lasted another month. Then, I tracked down my cousin, Vincent. He lived in TV Tropes, married, about to have a child. He understood my situation, but took me in. And I had to kill him. He found out too much, and my vision became blurry...there only remain three people of Cynd blood alive on this planet."

He put up his fingers.

“One,” he said, “Nalia. My brother.”

“Two,” he said, “Wales. Wikipedia's Steward, my Great Uncle.”

“Three,” he finished, “Max. Evoltsul. My Grandfather.”