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The Resolutions of 132/15 - Sins of The Father

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System of a Down - Chop Suey

April 6th.
Two Months and Twenty-Four Days

There was a flash of black in front of me, and Sloth was blasted backwards, through the air.

Skell turned to look back at me/

"Don't worry, Nalia," he said, "I'm not going to let him hurt you."

Chapter Fifteen

Sins of The Father

"Ramirez...you've changed." the man who was my Father and also wasn't sneered at Skell, preparing his spears.

"You recognize me, Hector?" Skell asked, stepping forward slowly.

"No. I already know about all you Reapers, though." Sloth said, shrugging his shoulders, "Ruin went on for hours telling me your names, what you looked like..."

Skell sighed sadly.

"It pains me to do this, Hector..." bone-colored blades shot out of Skell's robes, and stabbed the ground, lifting him upwards. "But it looks like you've lost sight of who you really are..."

Sloth laughed, and hurled one of his spears directly at Skell, impaling him through the chest. Skell didn't even flinch, using his blades as limbs and advancing forward.

"You can't kill somebody who's already dead." Skell said, pulling Sloth's spear out of his chest, "especially not with such a primitive weapon." He hurled it back at Sloth, who caught it.

"I can't kill you, huh?" Sloth ran towards Skell, "Fine, then! I'll just crush you into dust!" He leaped into the air, and put out both of his hands, growing an Oscura on each fingertip and his thumbs. An ocean of black energy shot towards Skell, who stopped it with one skeletal hand.

"Demon Art," Skell said, "Muramasa Oscura."

The massive ball of energy turned a dark purple, sparkling with black lightning.


Skell fired the shot back at Sloth, who tried to block it, but was pushed further and further into the air.

"Damnit!" Sloth screamed.

There was an explosion, and an unnatural darkness covered the entire world.

I felt Skell grab me, and we began to run blindly.

"He can't see anything! Use Celeste to get us back to the base!" Skell shouted.

I activated my scythe's ability, and, in the blink of an eye, we were out of the cloud of darkness, and much closer to Headquarters.

Skell and I both ran inside, and the door snapped shut behind us.

"Shit..." I clutched my face. "That was fucking close..."

"Nalia, are you alright?" Skell sounded sympathetic.

"I'm sorry, Skell...I was so weak...I couldn't..."

I trembled, and he set a hand on my shoulder.

"You saw your father. I understand, Nalia. No one should be able to strike down their own father in cold blood."

"But- he isn't-"

"He is. I know it. I don't know what your brother could've done to him, but he's brainwashed to hell and back. He's still there, though. He isn't all the way gone."

"How do you know that!?" I shouted, "Huh!?"

Skell sighed. "I'm not Esqueleto Ramirez anymore. Well, I am. Somewhat. I am half-man and half-Great Beast. The fusion of Esqueleto Ramirez, your godfather, and Sen, of the Great Twenty, is what created me. As one of the Twenty, I can sense more than just physical appearance. I can feel people on a spiritual level. Your father is still inside of that body. Somewhere."

I sighed.

"I'm sorry, Skell..."

"Don't be."

He walked down the hallway.

"If I hadn't left Ruin home that day, this wouldn't have even happened..." He continued down the hallway, "it should be me whose apologizing, Nalia..."

I fell to my knees.

If he said anything else, I couldn't hear it.

I couldn't hear anything over the sound of the conflict going on inside of my head.

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