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The Resolutions of 132/14 - Kill Rock 'n Roll

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System of a Down - Kill Rock 'n Roll

Chapter Fourteen

Kill Rock 'n Roll

April 6th.
Two Months and Twenty-Four Days

I blocked Scorpion's blade with Golden Fang, being pushed back several feet on the roof the virtual Spam Vault. He was incredibly powerful. I kicked him in the chest, and slashed at him. He ducked my scythe swiftly, and lunged for my stomach. I blocked the blow, and formed Golden Fang into a sword, parrying back at him.

I grasped with both of my hands, and pressed my blade against his defense, trying to break through.

"A battle of blades, huh?"

He sneered.

"Not just those!" He kicked me back, and pointed his finger at me.

"Reaper's Art," he shouted, "Oscura!"

I blocked the attack and sent it skyward, blocking Scorpion's following strike just in time. He leaped back, and threw his sword at me. I dodged, and ran at him, lunging for his chest. However he dodged and suddenly his sword came back into his hand. He slashed, and sliced through my back.

I screamed, and swung my blade for his neck. He blocked the strike, and impaled me through the ribs. I gasped, coughing up blood.


I grabbed his sword arm and held him as I delivered strike after strike, cutting open his chest, and his stomach, and finally, stabbing him through the heart.


We were back in the training room, chests heaving, exhausted.

"Damnit," Scorpion screamed, "Why can't I win!?"

"Hey, you did a grea-"

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouted, pressing a finger to my chest, "I'm sick of you looking down on me! Who the hell do you think you are!? Eh, Third Rank!?"

I pushed him backward.

"Chill the hell out, man. We're just training. We're not enemies or anything..."

He lunged at me, stabbing his sword for my heart in a blind rage.

I kicked the Muramasa out of his hand, delivered three punches to his midsection, his stomach, and his chest, then slammed an uppercut, knocking him unconscious and to the floor.

"What the hell, Tabuu!?"

Scarecrow ran to Scorpion, kneeling down next to him.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" he demanded.

"With me!?" I shouted, "He just tried to fucking kill me!"

He opened his mouth to retort, but I just turned my back and tuned him out, storming out of the Training Room.

Nalia's Point of View, later that day.

I walked along a plain in TV Tropes, staying on the dirt road. A bloody sunset had come, making the grassy field look all the more beautiful. It was nice to get out for a bit, just relax and enjoy nature in it's finest.

However, reality wasn't just being a harsh mistress today- no, she was being an angry bitch.

A figure in white robes appeared on the road before me. One of Ruin's cronies, or the man himself. Son of a bitch, can't I just go on a walk without getting in a huge fight?

The man walked towards me slowly, removing his hood. He had blue eyes, white hair, and dark skin, like my own. In fact, minus the eye color, he looked just like...


He smirked, and conjured two spears into each one of his hands.

"Who are you!?" I screamed, brandishing Celeste at him.

"Sloth." he replied.

"Why do you look like my father!?"

He laughed grimly.

"My former name is Hector Cynd. Would that be who you're talking about?"

My blood ran cold, and my pulse skyrocketed.

"Don't lie to me!" I screamed.

"I'm not lying...we're all of Cynd blood, you know..."

"You mean- Pride-"

"Yes. Vincent Cynd. Ruin's cousin. And yours."

He advanced towards me.

"You would attack your own son?"

"You're not my son." He said, "and I'm not your father. You mean absolutely nothing to me, except as a target that I have to take out. I hate to do it, but Ruin is much too forceful. I'd hate to hear him bitch all day. So, here I am."

Even as he lunged, I couldn't attack.

I couldn't bring myself to kill my father. The man who used to tuck me into bed when I was little, comfort me when I had a nightmare, take me out for ice cream...