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The Resolutions of 132/13 - Hypnotize

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System of a Down - Hypnotize

Chapter Thirteen


Evoltsul's Hideout, Christopher Harper's Point of View.

"It's over, Harper."

Evoltsul lunged, but I was too slow for him. His sword plunged through my heart, then he swiftly pulled it out. My blood was splattered all over my robes, all across the dull metal floor. He looked at me with the smallest expression of pity on his face.

"You Reapers...would be so much better off if you would just leave me be..."

I growled, and swung Golden Fang at him. He blocked with his arm, and threw my scythe, slashing me across the chest again.

"How long will it take for you to die? Stop fighting, Harper...you know it's over..."

"Damn right...it is..." I clasped my bloody hands together.

His eyes widened. "What are you-"

"Admin's Art!" I shouted, "Permanent Ban!"

Black chains shot from every direction, binding Evoltsul and his limbs all together.

I fell to my knees, and drew a circular symbol on the floor.

"Demonic Seal," I shouted, "Dusk!"

I pressed my hands to the circle, and there was a flash of bloody light.

I sent Evoltsul to the most obscure point inside of the Spam Desert, completely sealed for a period of time.

I stumbled to my feet. My vision was blurred, my breathing labored, everything I was doing requiring a large amount of effort. Every step was like dragging myself through waist-high liquid concrete. I pushed myself as far as I could, into the room of one of Evoltsul's experiments. It was like a coffin- a glass coffin, which I shattered.

The sleeping Tabuu clone had not yet come to life. I drew a blood seal on his bare chest, about to finish the seal.

"I don't think so."

There was a flash of silver, and my hand was flying through the air, landing on the other side of the room. I turned, and Ruin lunged quickly, impaling me through with his right-hand sword and lifting me several feet in the air. My hair touched the ceiling, and I writhed around on his blade, desperate to escape.

"I told you, Tabuu..." Ruin flashed his fangs in a smile, "You can't avoid God for too long...your judgement has come..."

I couldn't move anymore. I couldn't breathe. I fell still on Ruin's sword, but I wouldn't close my eyelids.

They got heavier and heavier with each millisecond. I couldn't hold it anymore.

It was over.

April 6th.
Two Months and Twenty-Four Days

I woke with a scream.

I looked around me and Alex's empty apartment.

The alarm clock beside my bed was blinking a red 12:35 p.m.. Beside it, a note in Alex's handwriting, saying- "I decided to let you get yourself some sleep. You're wanted at the HQ by 1:00."

I stood and stretched.

Thanks, bud.

I walked to the closet, pulled out another pair of robes, with a black No More Heroes 2 T-shirt and some blue jeans. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, spiked up my hair, then got dressed. I heated up some quick ramen, devoured it at record speeds, then walked outside. Taking a moment to concentrate, I teleported to the entrance of the HQ. I stepped through the doors, seeing, to my surprise, Scarecrow Von Steuben.

"Hey, SvS," I said, "Did you spend the night?"

"Yeah," he said, "made sure no one tried to intrude."

I shrugged. Eh, Steuben's paranoid.

I walked on past him, thinking of my nightmare from last night.


I turned back, seeing Scorpion run up to me.

"Tabuu," he said, smirking, "I want to fight you." He was in a brown trench coat and a black T-shirt, with blue jeans and, surprisingly, some new shoes.

I shrugged.

"Bit early for that, but alright..."

We walked to the training room, and strolled inside, to the center.


"Spam Desert, on top of the Vault!" Scorpion shouted.




"Maximum." Scorpion gave a leer, as the room around us transformed into the space described.

I chuckled, and held out Golden Fang.

"Eager today, aren't we?"

I then noticed something. Scorpion didn't have his trident. Rather, he had a katana strapped to his waist that I did not recognize.

He slowly pulled it out of it's sheath.

"This is a Muramasa, a Demon Blade..." he said, holding it out at me, "it is called Susanoo, named after the Japanese God of the Seas and Storms, the man who defeated Yamata no Orochi, the great serpent..."

Incredible power blazed from him- no, not him- his sword.

"A Muramasa can not go back into it's sheath until it's been satisfied...with blood!"

He shouted, and leaped into the air, lunging at me.

Oh shit.

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