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The Resolutions of 132/11 - Empty Walls

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Beginning of the "Elect The Dead" Arc.

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls

Chapter Eleven

Empty Walls

"Is my name familiar to you?" Ruin looked mildly surprised.

"Of course. You're Nalia's little brother, right?" I tensed, waiting for a telltale sign of an attack.

Ruin allowed himself a chuckle.

"Oh, you're one of Brother's friends...then again, who else could've taken down Vincent?" The blade shot back into his sleeve, and he put up his fist at the three behind him.

"Leave the area, Wrath, Sloth, Lust. You aren't needed here." The figures nodded, and they vanished in the blink of an eye.

I growled, and prepared to slash as Ruin came closer to me.

"Now, now...don't you want to get acquainted first?"

"You're a murderer. That's all I need to know."

"Murderer? That's a bit harsh, isn't it?" Ruin smirked, flashing fangs, "I just did what I needed to do."

"You killed your parents, took out their eyes and burned the house to ashes. What the hell is wrong with you?"

He put a hand to his chin for a moment, his youthful features expressing deep thought.

"Six things," he began, "sloth, lust, wrath, envy, gluttony, and greed. Pride used to be a problem, but you kindly handled that for me."

"The seven deadly sins, huh?"

"They are within all of us. The hard part is just bringing them out. Once I've been cleansed of my sins, I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God."

"There is no 'God'. There's just people. Good and evil."

"But you've seen the supernatural, haven't you, Reaper? You've encountered spirits; you've even died. Are you telling me you don't believe in any greater force?"

"Spirits are just imprints. And death? Death is just a state of mind. And if there is a God, or a Buddha, or an anything like that..." I held out Golden Fang towards Ruin, "he and I don't talk very much."

"Then I will show you..." Ruin floated a few feet in the air, and flexed his body into a cross shape, the absurdly long blades shooting from his sleeves, "what it means to be in the presence of God!"

His feet touched the ground, and he grasped the swords, dashing at me. His calm demeanor turned into a psychotic smile, and he slashed at me. I ducked the blade and leaped towards him, swinging my scythe down.

He blocked the blow with one of his blades, and I let go of Golden Fang in midair, falling towards him and kicking him in the face.

Or, at least, I tried to.

Before my foot clashed against his face, his eyes glinted and his smile grew wider, and then, he was gone. I landed on the ground, and I felt two blades tear through both of my ribs. Blood sprayed from the wounds, staining my robe and falling to my feet. I heard Golden Fang drop to the dirt behind me. I turned my head, and Ruin stood several feet behind me, his blades held outwards.

"When...did you cut me!?" I spat.

He turned, and his smile had vanished.

"You're blinded with your arrogance. It would seem you've taken my Pride as your own..."

He advanced towards me again, his face now solemn.

"That must mean that I have no choice...I must cleanse the sin remaining in you..."

Our eyes met, and I was completely paralyzed. I couldn't move at all as he advanced towards me, his look of sadness turning to annoyance, then to a neutral expression, then a grin, then a smirk, then a full on psychotic smile as blood fell down his face.

"You had better say your prayers while you have the chance..." The blade from his left arm shot back into his sleeve, and he raised his right-hand weapon into the air, preparing to cut me in half.


He swung his arm downwards.

With a jolt, control of my body came back to me, and I moved my arms to block the inevitable strike.

There was a clash of steel.

Holding his celestial blue scythe from either end with both hands, blocking the blade, was Nalia Cynd. Ruin's eyes widened in surprise.

"What're you waiting for!?" Nalia spat, "move!" I jumped out of the way, and Nalia slashed Ruin's sword away from him.

Golden Fang, heel!

My scythe shot at me, and I grabbed it just in time to block Ruin's next strike.

"Big brother..." he said, staring into Nalia's eyes, "I've missed you..."

Nalia hissed, and dashed at his younger sibling.

"Fighting in the ruins of a chapel. Fitting, no?" Ruin inquired, blocking Nalia's scythe easily. Nalia growled, and pressed forward, trying to break the teenager's guard.

"I've become stronger than you could ever hope to fathom, brother!" Ruin said, pressing back at Nalia with more force, overwhelming him. Nalia stumbled backward, and Ruin slashed upward, sending Nalia into the air, ripping open his chest. Nalia gained traction in midair and landed back on the ground, baring his fangs at his brother.

Nalia screamed, and clutched at his face.

"No...no, not now!" he screamed, and he began to undergo a transformation. A black wing shot from his back, his feet turned to talons, his hair grew longer, his hands became claws, and blood poured from his eyes.

Ruin laughed.

"That's right, brother! Let yourself go!"

Nalia had completely lost control, resorting to animal instinct. He got onto all fours, and roared, like an enraged wolf. He ran at Ruin, and leaped, his claws slicing through Ruin's blades as they moved to block, and his mouth tearing into Ruin's exposed neck. Ruin screamed, grabbing his feral brother's shoulders and then baring his own fangs, tearing open Nalia's neck with his mouth. The two brothers pushed and struggled against each other, bare hands and claws going against one another in a bloody melee.

Finally, though, Nalia gave a scream of agony.

Ruin had produced new blades, and they both impaled Nalia through the chest. He pulled them in opposite directions, and tore Nalia's body almost completely in half.

Covered in his older brother's and his own blood, Ruin heaved and sighed, retracting both of his blades. He looked over at me, as if just remembering I was there. My look of fear told him all he needed to know. His trademark psycho-grin appeared again, and he laughed. Above his brother's bloody body, just laughed.

He managed to contain his mirth, and a white portal appeared behind him.

"I'll see you two later." he said, the laughter still in his voice. He stepped into the portal, which promptly winked out behind him.

I ran to Nalia, pushing him back over on his back. He had reverted to normal, but he was healing too slow, losing too much blood.

"Damnit, damnit..."

I searched my robes for some bandages, and found them, wrapping them around Nalia's wounds as they healed themselves. Now that that was out of the way, I shook Nalia awake.

He woke with a wince.

"Where's Ruin?" he asked, feeling his bandages.

"He left. Are you alright?"

He struggled to his feet.

"Yeah..." he coughed up blood into his hand.

"Whoa, you sure?"

"I'll live...Cynds are immortal, remember?"

"To an extent. Don't get too cocky."

Nalia gave a little laugh. "Look who's talking. Anyways, we need to get back to headquarters..."

I blinked. "Headquarters? I just destroyed it."

"It's Porple's Mansion, for now. Just teleport us on over there..."

We walked a few more steps and he suddenly fell to the ground. I sighed, lifting my unconscious childhood friend over my shoulder. I put both Golden Fang and Celeste over my other shoulder, and shut my eyes, visualizing Porple's Mansion.

We teleported away.

A./N. Please note that this is a replacement for "Chapter Eleven: Lights Out", which I deleted. This is the new chapter Eleven, so completely disregard the previous version. I also renamed this Season to "Elect The Dead", which is a song by Serj Tankian, which fits the theme of this season very well.

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