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The Legendary Heroes/Prologue

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"So" one said. "All I have to do is use this?".

"Yes" a mysterious person replied to him. "Just get over there and do it. The guards won't be gone for long".

There was an explosion, and soon, an evil laugh. "Yes" someone said. "Finally".

"He what?!" Wayoshi screamed. "That can't be true."

"It seems to be." 2257 said. "There is a giant hole in the Spam Vault. It must be." Wayoshi looked at 2257 and gave him a desperate look. "This is not good." he said, worried. "With the Mastermind Troll free...well, I can't even guess what will happen." "Obviously bad things." 2257 remarked. "If there's a giant hole in the Spam Vault...then the other trolls must be free, too." Ghost Jam said. 2257 jumped. "Oh, crap, I never thought about that. This is bad. With the other trolls free, then this wiki...well, it will not survive this way." he said. "It's almost like a giant void is opening and the wiki would fall down to the bottom." Wayoshi said.

"Moving on..." 2257 said. "The user that made the hole. Why did he do it? I mean, he's new; how did he learn about the wiki's dark history with the Mastermind Troll?" "Someone must have told him." Ghost Jam said, but suddenly paused. "Wait a minute..." Wayoshi said. "Does that mean..." "Yes." Ghost Jam whispered. "More trolls are coming to the wiki. It's getting dangerous here. We may have to flee soon." "Oh, my god." 2257 gasped. "I think I just figured it out...the user was manipulated by a troll." Everyone in the room gasped. "How could it be?!" Wayoshi said in shock. "We haven't had any troll reports lately. How is it possible there's a troll around here?! Not good..." Wayoshi started to panic and almost jumped out of his chair, but 2257 grabbed him and held him down. "Yeah, this is bad, but we can't just run around here and panic. We have to do something."

"Like warn the other users?" Ghost Jam suggested. "Exactly." 2257 replied. "But we have to tell them without making the city go into an extreme panic. Like-" 2257 was interrupted with a large shake and a sudden explosion. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" he screamed. Wayoshi rushed to the window to see what was happening.

"TROLL ATTACK!" Wayoshi screamed in horror. "LET US PANIC NOW!!!" Wayoshi, 2257, and Ghost Jam quickly took the emergency exit to outside. All of the users in the area were running. Missiles and nukes crashed onto the surface of New Wikisburg. Flames were engulfing the city. "..." 2257 paused. "Um........SCRAM!!" he screamed suddenly, and he, Wayoshi, and Ghost Jam went running (or flying) off in different directions. They had escaped just in time, as a nuke hit the building they were just talking in, and it burst into flames, engulfing it. Users were running all over the place, trying to hide. A lot of them evacuated the city. Remaining users found good hiding spots where bullets nor missiles could hit them.

Soon, the entire city was covered in flames. Many users, patrollers, and even sysops fled. Finally, nukes and missiles stopped hitting the ground. It started to rain, putting out the fires. But this was no time to be happy. New Wikisburg was destroyed.

One user lay on the destroyed grounds of the city. He was tired, but uninjured. "What just happened?" he thought. He slowly struggled to his feet, and gasped at the site of the destroyed city. "HELLO?" he screamed. "IS ANYBODY STILL HERE?" He paused. "Oh, it's no use." he whispered to himself, and walked away from the destroyed remains of where he once stayed at.