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The Legendary Heroes

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The Legendary Heroes
Creator PyroGuy6
Debut May 13th, 2011
Genre Epic
Latest Issue Chapter 10: Invention on Fire
Rating E 10+

The Legendary Heroes is a story written by PyroGuy6.


Immiedatley after Pyro joined Userpedia, he started the story. He sent out permission requests to users, and soon he had enough users down to start it with the following plot:

Darkness has cast upon the MarioWiki. A traitor user released the Mastermind Troll from the spam vault, and the community worries. Will the wiki survive with the Mastermind Troll free? Suddenly, the proud city of New Wikisburg is attacked by a gang of trolls, and much of the community flees. With the city destroyed, PyroGuy6, a new user that just joined a while ago, hears a prophecy. "A survivor of a fateful attack will rise; he will find five legendary heroes scattered across the land, and together, they will defeat the great evil that is the Mastermind Troll". So PyroGuy6 begins a quest. Along the way, he will be challenged as he faces the many trolls that have been freed from the spam vault. Will he survive this dangerous quest?

One day Pyro came on chat, and a huge discussion started up about the story being not very good. After talking with Tabuuownsall132x2 in query, Pyro decided to overhaul the entire story and completely restart it. Pyro is currently making changes. He has decided to even rename the story.

Old Version



These are the characters that managed to appear in the story before it was restarted.

Bold means they were a main character.
Italics means they were a villain.
Blank means they were a minor character.

Cameos and References

  • Star Fox' - When UltraMario3000`s plane is being attacked by Bullet Bills, Krizzy screams ″DO A BARREL ROLL!” Later, he compliments UltraMario`s plane driving skills and asks him how many times has he played Star Fox.
  • Venture of the Wiki - After Pyro breaks the fourth wall, BMB says he has to go fix it, and says “I`m kind of working on a story called Venture of the Wiki, so please don`t give me another thing to do.”
  • The Three Mushketeers - Krizzy screaming “Toasty!” in Chapter 10 is actually a clever reference to this comic - in one issue, someone randomly screams “toasty”.


  • New Super Mario created the original logo for the story. However, on his first attempt spelled "Legendary" wrong, and spelled it "Legdary". He later fixed it.