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The Impossible Heist

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The Impossible Heist
First Aired May 18, 2009
Rating T for Minor Blood and Violence
Genre Adventure
Style Episodic Comic
Created By Koopa-Paratroopa
No. Of Comics 3 (as of June 7, 2009)

The Impossible Heist is an adventure mini-comic made by Koopa-Paratroopa. The plot is about users trying to get 7 magical glass orbs for an unknown character. Sign-ups on teh talky page.

Later, KPT decided that the first plot was bad, and with 1337Yoshi's and Scarecrow von Steuben's advice, he restarted the comic with what was going to become Comix Zone, an adventure/superhero comic described by KPT as, "A mixture of Master Wikians and Wiki's End, the best comics on the wiki."


Issue 1

Issue 2

Second Run

Issue 1