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The Glitches in Life

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The Glitches in Life
Creator Glitchman
Debut Original: May 2008
Restart: November 2009
Genre Comedy
Latest Issue #4
Rating Everyone 10+
Sexual Content

The Glitches in Life was the name of a Sunday Morning comic written and edited by Glitchman. He continued to make new issues every week, but after the infamous Fall of Scribblewiki only two of the issues remained. Even when Userpedia moved to Adriels, he decided not to continue with his comic. Around a year later, he decided to continue with his comic and is now starting to make new ones every few weeks. Just like the old ones, they will not follow any set storyline.

Note: To understand the first issue, you must be familiar with the storyline of SMRPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.