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The Collector

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The Collector
Creator Neptune99
Debut 12th February
Genre Comedy-Drama
Latest Issue
Rating 7+ Comedic Violence

The Collector is a two-part comic created by Neptune99, which stars Coin Collector as the main hero. It is about his ascent into bureaucracy. The comic's two parts will be released on the 12th of February and the 13th of February, simultaneously.

Comic History

After noticing that Coin Collector rarely appears as a major character in most fictions, Neptune decided to create a short comic about his life on the Super Mario Wiki. Neptune decided to release a teaser on the last day of 2011, which shows the release for 5/2/2012. Neptune, however, being the self absorbed dictatorous chap he is, almost completely forgot about the comic until the last minute. The comic is then due to be released a week after it's original airdate, to allow time for Neptune to gather signups. Since Neptune can't commit to a proper date for anything, then the comic will be released anytime from now until 2020, when Neptune is predicted to retire.