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The Battle for Mikea

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The Battle for Mikea
Author Neurario


Genre(s) Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Debut August 23, 2010 
Forum Discussion The Battle for Mikea
Chapters 11 (ex. Prologue) 
Current Chapter Breaking

The Battle for Mikea is a story by Neurario, initially inspired by the popular MMORPG Guild Wars. It takes place in a fantasy world of might and magic, following the immigrating Userpedia colony as they search for a new home away from their destroyed lands.

The End
The prologue.
# Chapter Release Date
0. Prologue: The End 23rd August, 2010
The Scribbalon Immigrants
Their homeland up in flames, the Userpedians seek to find a new place to settle.
# Chapter Release Date
1. Hope 27th August, 2010
2. And Studios 30th August, 2010
3. Heart of Destruction 29th September, 2010
4. Threat 9th October, 2010
5. Back to the Drawing Board 11th November, 2010
6. Escape 7th May, 2011
7. Cold Hearts 8th May, 2011
8. Scribbalon's Lament 10th May, 2011
9. Justice 15th May, 2011
10. Tonight We Dine... 21st May, 2011
11. Breaking 5th September, 2011

A complete list of all the chapters available to read currently.

There are two major groups that will play a part in the events of The Battle for Mikea: The Defenders of Userpedia, and the Heroes of Userpedia. Each person in either group has honed their skill at a certain profession, but still has some work to be done if they wish to perfect their 'art'. No characters from either group have been announced, but are slowly being negotiated with various persons. However, I will not accept people asking to be in the story, unless explicitly stated otherwise. This means, there are NO signups.

The Heroes of Userpedia
The Heroes are those that rose to lead their people in times of need. They are respected by their peers and have earned their trust.



Leader of the Userpedians

Rank Hero of Userpedia
Chosen Profession Unrevealed

In the midst of the chaos brought on by Scribbalon's destruction, Ruby now has more responsibility than ever, helping the now-refugees find a new home away from the fire and flames. It's not easy, but with his friend Valentin to confide in and his guitar to strum on, he can usually find an outlet for his stress.

  • Wears a simple dark blue outfit - complimenting Valentin's lighter shade.
  • Also like Valentin, he possesses a guitar.



Devoted Userpedian Hero

Rank Hero of Userpedia
Chosen Profession Unrevealed

Guy is a peaceful hero of Userpedia who attained the rank of hero without the use of violence through his intense loyalty which surpassed expectation. He is determined to help Userpedia through the rough times ahead of them. He has always worn the robe of his profession, to cover the mechanised arm that replaced his right (The reason for this is as yet unknown). His weapon of choice is a scythe.

The Defenders of Userpedia
The Defenders are voluntary fighters, helping to serve their community and defend it from coming under attack.



Ruby's trusted companion

Rank Higher Defender of Userpedia
Chosen Profession Unrevealed

To some, Valentin the Higher Defender is tough, and quick to displease - but those people simply got on his bad side. He can be funny and lighthearted, but also tends to be blunt sometimes. He has no time for 'morons'. In the days after the destruction of the Grand Library

  • He is Ruby's confidant and closest friend.
  • Carries a guitar.

ChaosNinji - Sir Nin Ji

Sir Nin Ji

Master of the Swords

Rank Defender of Userpedia
Chosen Profession Warrior (Swordsman)

There isn't much known about this masked hero. The main thing known is that he simply showed up at the Userpedian Settlement one day, and later pledged his sword for the cause.

  • The rest are unconfirmed and will be revealed gradually - There will probably be few to begin with, but more may be added as the story progresses.

Some Users may also have parts in the story, as neither Heroes /or/ Defenders. It is entirely possible that some may have a more prominent part in the story at a later date, or will be prominent in a specific arc.


Rank Userpedian Civilian
Chosen Profession Water Elementalist in Training

This girl has exhibited some small knowledge of control over the element of water, yet has somehow slipped past Ruby's watchful eye for useful members of the community. She was somewhat worried for her mortality, but she got over it momentarily to venture after the team heading into the burning Grand Library. Her and her brother Plum are close siblings, and they rely on each other for support.


Rank Chief Administrator of the Grand Mario Wiki Library
Chosen Profession None?

Before the destruction that befell Mikea, Steve was in charge of two things: Porplemontage Studios, which was both a newspaper (comics, as well as editorials and stories) and TV station (broadcasting content from people such as Zachary Hinchliffe, Zach Hinchy and YesIAmAnIdiot, who were coincidentally the same person), before it fell through due to its producers moving to other networks; and the Grand Mario Wiki Library, the grandest repository on Mario information in the world. (Not many people had actually SEEN this "Mario" before in the land though. Some say he lives on another planet!).

After surviving the destruction of his Library, however, he's tended to be a bit random, and more like his old Porple Studios self.


Rank Exiled Tribe Member
Chosen Profession Unknown

Aurenn is a cat-like creature like the rest of his species. Nothing else is really known about him except that he was a sort-of villain in Heart of Destruction and was tasked with seeking out the Userpedians in their journey into the snowy mountains.

To be filled in at a later date.

To be filled in at a later date. Feel free to add some though!

To be filled in at a later date.