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The B Files

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The B Files
First Aired July 17th, 2008
Rating E for Everyone
Status Canceled
Genre Comedy
Style Comic Strip
Created By Brayds2006
No. Of Episodes 17; 2(201X)

The B Files was a comic which began production on July 17, 2008 by Brayds2006. It dealt with the random escapades of the main character, while containing guest appearances by other users. 17 Regular Episodes were made before the series was canceled. A continuation of the series was made soon afterwords, sub-titled '201X'.


The comic was about Brayds2006 and his random adventures around Leet Town and beyond. He regularly met his friends during these escapades and caused havoc at times if the situation was right. At first the comic was simple, showing Brayds performing normal tasks, such as finding a House and catching a Train.





The Wormhole Trilogy


Series 2


Episodes 1-7