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Yoshi is everything one could wish...

YellowYoshi ThePremiumYoshiY.png
Species Yoshi
Location Yoshi's Island
Join date September 20, 2011 (MarioWiki), September 22, 2011 (MarioWiki Forum), October 15, 2011 (Userpedia)
Gender Male
Allies Castle Toad, Ultra Fuzzy, N64dude, Brock, YoshiGo99, Yoshidude99, SLNO, Pokémon Trainer Red, Hypnotoad (I think), Yoshiwaker.
Age 16

ThePremiumYoshi (Sometimes known for short as TPY) is a user of the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. He's one of the brazilian users of the wiki, and is known for being a huge fan of the character Yoshi. His main hobby is creating fangames, and thus, he pretends to be a Web Designer in the future.


Super Mario Wiki

ThePremiumYoshi joined the Super Mario Wiki in 20 September 2011, at 00:41, but he used to visit the wiki since 2009. Before knowing the wiki, he was searching for informations about the Mario series. He wanted to know more about the character Dry Bowser (who was his favorite character), but couldn't find a reliable source of information. After searching for hours, when he was about to give up, he noticed he typed "Dry Bowser" incorrectly. When he corrected this typing error, he found the Dry Bowser article in the Mario Wiki. Amazed by how there was a page for every single thing in the Mario series, he started to often visit the wiki. He decided to not create an account that moment because he thought that, there would be much responsibility with editing the articles. After two years, he finally created an account, assuming the responsibility of helping the wiki.


The first thing he did after creating his account was actually entering the chatroom. There, he quickly befriended almost everyone, especially Castle Toad. In the first week, he was friends with almost everyone from the chat. Now, he mainly talks with Ultra Fuzzy in the chat, who is his best friend.


He joined the forums after the first week in the wiki. Though he doesn't post much topics, he likes to chat through PM with his friends. He's not often in the forums, and is more active in the wiki.


He joined the Userpedia at 14 October 2011. Since the creation of accounts was disabled, he asked Castle Toad to help him with his account. Though he wasn't often in the Userpedia, when Ultra Fuzzy joined it, he became more active in the Userpedia.


With his animated and happy personality, he gained a lot of friends in the wiki. Though he may sound childish sometimes, he's actually a kind-hearted person. He tries to addapt his personality according to the person he's interacting to. He knows that he can't befriend everyone using this tactic, but, he does this so that no problems, or conflicts, happen. These conflicts are often caused by the disagreement of two different point of views, and that's why he tries to understand the personality of each person. He likes to have a lot of friends, with no limits; the more friends he has, the more happy he is. He is also always open to anyone who needs help, no matter for what. He also dislikes anything that has a "bad energy", such as any kind of sad story. He loves sunny days, explaining that the sun has a "cheerful, great feeling".

He only changes his personality and point of view when it's really needed. He recently won the lottery, and, became rich, but, nothing changed between him and his family and friends. He's still the same person, and he acts the same way he did before.

Relationships with users

Castle Toad

Castle Toad was the first person he met on the wiki, in the chatroom. He was actually one of the few who didn't ignore completely what he was saying. About one week of chat, he and Castle Toad started to chat in the query. They spent that entire night chatting about their personality, and they discovered they had the same opinions. Castle Toad even asked him to get a picture of himself, but he couldn't, since his camera was broken. Though Castle Toad was starting to think he was lying, they didn't let this small detail interfere their friendship (He wasn't lying).

Ultra Fuzzy

Ultra Fuzzy is his best friend, both in and out of the wiki. It all started by a simple Friend Request, which Ultra Fuzzy accepted. Talking through the Talk pages of each other, ThePremiumYoshi's Userspace edits accidentally ultrapassed those of mainspace. He received his first warning, but, it wouldn't stop the two from chatting. They went to the chat, and, started to chat everyday, discovering they had the same opinions too. Ultra Fuzzy was so nice to him, that they started to become really best friends. They aways helped each other when needed, and thus, a great friendship was born. They became inseparable friends, always overcoming any obstacles, togheter. Ultra Fuzzy even made a special birthday GIF to him, stating they will be always the best friend of each other. They actually never fighted, proving their great friendship.


ThePremiumYoshi met Brock on the chatroom, where he simply wanted to chat with a random person. In their conversation, Brock revealed he didn't have a userbox. ThePremiumYoshi, then, made a customized userbox for Brock, which he obviously put in his userpage. After some time, he saw that, Brock mentioned him as a "very nice friend", and the two started to talk frequently on the chat.


They also met each other on the chatroom. By talking on the chatroom in the query, a new friendship was born between the two. Later, he became SLNO's brother, and close friend.

Pokémon Trainer Red

They became friends in the wiki, when they discovered that they both enjoy writing stories. They are in each other's story, and, Pokémon Trainer Red occasionally helps him with warnings about the wiki.


He helped N64dude a few times with wiki-related things. He helped N64dude creating his userpage, signature, and other subjects. He's one of the few who actually understands what N64dude tries to express, because he "likes to mix capilatized and non-capitalized words".


Though they actually talked to each other a few times, they can be considered friends. He's an employee of YoshiGo99's shop in the wiki, and tries his best to think of new items. Also, both are Yoshis.

Role as Hero

ThePremiumYoshi is one of the eight heroes of the Yoshi's Island Prophecy. He's "The Golden dinosaur who can control the fire and shapeshift". He uses these abilities in his quest, and, along with the other three heroes, he eventually defeats Mighty Pokey. However, during the final battle, ThePremiumYoshi, shockingly, betrays the heroes and join sides with Mighty Pokey. After the huge surprise, ThePremiumYoshi explains to the confused heroes, that he tricked them into thinking he was good, when, he was partnered up with Mighty Pokey altogheter. He turns out to be Mighty Pokey's Loyal partner. The final battle continued, but, the three heroes couldn't handle TPY and Mighty Pokey together, and after the brute battle, the heroes were all defeated by the evil duo. However, even more shockingly, ThePremiumYoshi made the heroes appear from thin air. He never truly joined Mighty Pokey, but tricked him into thinking so. Mighty Pokey was defeated by the four heroes, who saved the Mushroom Planet from the destruction.

Physical Information

ThePremiumYoshi is basically a yellow Yoshi with a mystical energy surounding his body, able to release any color of egg and also changing between colors.

Powers and Abilities

ThePremiumYoshi has the ability to breath fire, thus burning enemies, melting ice, lighting torchs, and destroying some kinds of blocks. He's also devoted with the ability Shapeshift, which he can use to disguise as anyone. He also has defensive abilities. Being a Yoshi, he can protect himself from any attack, in a giant yellow egg. Oddly enough, he can use a pillow, called Yoshi Pillow, to protect himself from any attack. While this may sound strange, he explains that the pillow is magical, thus protecting him. To protect himself, he puts the pillow in front of his body, and, even if almost his entire body is uncovered, the enemies' atacks won't do nothing, no matter where it lands on him. For example, he's able to jump in spikes when with the pillow, even if his feet are totally exposed. Attacks in his back will also do nothing. He can also use the pillow to attack enemies, releasing pointy feathers, and use it like a parachute, holding it like an upside-down "U". He can also use it like a magic carpet, to float in the air for a short period of time.

Yoshi Cookie Factory

ThePremiumYoshi also works at the Yoshi Cookie Factory, in Yoshi's Island. Although he's probably the worst cook ever, he works at the Melon Collect Sector. He explores the island's vast forest and jungles, collecting Melons, to produce the Yoshi Cookies. He loves his work, because, in reality, he's obsessed with Yoshi Cookies. He even had a indigestion once for eating too many cookies: ThePremiumYoshi ate 450 cookies.

Baseball Yoshi Games

ThePremiumYoshi also participates in the Baseball Yoshi Games. Here, he's the captain of the team ThePremium Heroes, which is composed by him, Mario (AirMario64), N64dude, Luigi, Ultra Fuzzy, Pokémon Trainer Red, Koopa Man, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Pianta, Noki, Monty Mole and Blooper. He's one of the best runners in the game, and he has good Pitching and Batting skills. However, he has a little below-average Field stat. He shares good chemistry with all the heroes, obviously, and the Yoshies. He shares bad chemistry with Bowser, Bowser Jr., Shy Guy, Magikoopa, and obviously, Mighty Pokey, who is obsessed with baseball, and promise to not do any evil during the tournament. If so, he gets banned from the games.


  • Pitch: 7/10
  • Bat: 7/10
  • Field: 4/10
  • Run: 9/10


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