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Terror of the Trolls

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Terror of the Trolls
Developer(s) 398 Inc.
Publisher(s) 398 Inc.
Began First Run: July 7, 2007
Second Run: May 18, 2008
Genre Adventure
Rating(s) Everyone

Terror of the Trolls is a comic by YellowYoshi398. It is now defunct.


Terror of the Trolls followed a group of freedom fighters led by Xzelion as they sought to escape, and later liberate, the troll-infested Leet Town (a predecessor to New Wikisburg and the former setting of most Userpedia comics). It is a vestige of a different era in MarioWiki comics, when most comic series had simple users vs. trolls plots. However, TotT was notable for its focus on interpersonal relationships: each character had a distinct personality, and relationships, especially those between Xzelion and his brothers, Sadaharu and Wayoshi, and 3Dejong and Max2 - all inspired by real life events from the wiki - played a key role.


The comic was produced over the course of two runs. The original run, hosted on Mwuserpedia, launched in Summer 2007 and was characterized by lots of terrible sprite mixing (though nothing in the comic was ever much to write home about). It lasted for eight issues. A year later in 2008, YY relaunched the comic, starting the second run with a re-release of the original eight issues with updated credits, an updated visual style with more consistent sprites, minor dialogue changes and a new font. Four more issues were made before it seemingly died for good.

Unfortunately, most issues of both runs of TotT are now lost due to having been hosted on terrible image hosting sites 7+ years ago. The only known extant copies are located on an old hard drive which may or may not have been wiped in the intervening time. Whether or not they can be recovered remains to be seen.


  • Issue 4 (uncredited: A.J. Nitro, Knife)
  • Issue 5 (uncredited: Arima, A.J. Nitro)
  • Issue 7 (uncredited: Retriever II)
  • Issue 8 (uncredited: Retriever II)
  • Issue 9 (uncredited: A.J. Nitro, Knife, Retriever II)
  • Issue 12 (uncredited: Glitchman) (NOTE: The second-to-last panel should be labeled "Credits")

See the Mwuserpedia article for issues of the original run, some of which still exist. An archive of surviving issues will be made soon.