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Ten Thousand Trolls

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Ten Thousand Trolls is a canceled comic by Paper Jorge (Muffin & Mushrooms Studios) that Jorge wanted to be better than Server's End and Wiki's End and was supposed to be a reboot of them. It was not a sequel to both but rather a completely different adventure. Jorge also wanted Ten Thousand Trolls to be the longest comic series in Userpedia, longer than When Sysops Attack! although he ever accomplished this as the comic was canceled-currently he achieved this goal with Friday Night Live. After the fall of Scribblewiki, Jorge canceled Server's End and Ten Thousand Trolls for good and went to work on Rush Wiki. Ten Thousand Trolls would be similar to The Tyrant Takeover in many ways. Ten Thousand Trolls has been so far, Jorge's favorite comic he's done, liking it more than Wiki's End, Server's End, Rush Wiki and even Friday Night Live.


Issue 1

Originally the third issue in the series, Jorge thought the first two issues were not needed and took them off. Issue 1 introduces us to all the sysops at the time and explains what the situation is like currently in the wiki.

Issue 2

HK-47 and KM come and attack the wiki and threatens Wayoshi and basically, the whole wiki with "Cheese Lover Zombies". Coincidentally, the events are similar to an event that occurred in the wiki, only several weeks after the issue was released, where HK-47 threatened to hack the whole wiki, and mostly targeted Xzelion and Jorge himself.

Issue 3

With the success of Rush Wiki, Jorge made this issue star Jargie Chan (Lee) and Spris-Tuckshi where he and their boss (from Master Wikians) appear trying to track down a troll (Agentseethroo) but only end up destroying Best Buy.

Issue 4

This issue was made right before the fall of Scribblewiki and after Userpedia went down Jorge couldn't get the sprites to finish the issue. This issue was never seen until TTT was already canceled. The issue would contain Steve joining the trolls.

Plot after Issue 4

Jorge had a lot of the story planned out as TheGreatBlockyBoo encouraged him to plan out stuff, unlike in Wiki's End where Jorge made up everything as he went. Issue 4 (originally Issue 6) would have Porplemontage joining the trolls, and Thousand Tiger and Orange Yoda would be revealed. It would be revealed Thousand Tiger is the main villain, and although people thought he was named after the comic, the comic is actually named after him, more specifically Ten Thousand Tiger which is his ultimate form fought in the very end of the comic. In the issue, it is also revealed the trolls are going to take over UnMario and Fantendo as they already took over WarioWiki and DK Wiki.

The next issue would show UnMarioWiki, with the UnMario sysops in a meeting. The wiki would be attacked by the Cheese Lovers who were just looking for a "Cheese" article that was in the Spam Vault. While looking, they break in the Spam Vault and release all trolls in the Spam Vault, more specifically the UnMario Gangsters and Dad Piranha. The sysops and the gangsters would all start fighting. The gangsters were comic relief characters in the series, all having their own humor effect such as one of them being a total Mario geek who would never shut up with her knowledge of Mario, another one hating Christmas (for humor effect, the villain's name was Grinch), a Shy Guy who kept loosing his mask and many other things.

Later, the same would happen to Fantendo, where it would be attacked by Orange Yoda and other minor trolls. However, unlike in the UnMario plot, the trolls would be very serious, instead of being humorous. Plumber, Beanbean, Henrydamoose, Max2, HyperToad and Cobweb would fight Orange Yoda and his army of trolls. Meanwhile, in the MarioWiki, most users start fleeing from the Wiki, by plane or ship as the wiki is starting to become dangerous with trolls out on the loose who escaped the Spam Vault. While most users leave, the sysops and the MarioWiki Police stay behind. RAP, who won the 'crat battle, sends the sysops out to Troll Castle. The MarioWiki Police, and Cobold and RAP don't go, as they have to protect the wiki still.

The sysops, on their way, find out that the Wario Wiki and the DK Wiki has been taken over and after they find out that Troll Castle is not part of the MarioWiki but a totally different wiki, they are blocked and kept in the Spam Vault. Meanwhile, in a plane traveling to Wikipedia, the plane is attacked by trolls and the trolls start attacking everyone in the plane. Toadbert101, or possibly another user, fights all the trolls that attacked the plane. The plane finally arrives at Wikipedia with no one dead, but some injured. Cobold goes out to find Stooben Rooben and Garlic Man (who turn out to be in Userpedia) and promotes them to sysop and tells them they must go to Troll Castle and save the sysops.

Jorge didn't plan much farther, but Stooby and Garlic would be able to save the sysops with the help of Crypt who got to be a sysop in Troll Wiki. Crypt then attacks the other Troll sysops. The MarioWiki would become a great war zone, with the cops and RAP and Cobold fighting all the trolls, and Troll Palace as well as other places, being destroyed. Jorge (as Lee) and Super-Yoshi (as Carter) at one point would have gotten in a fight with Pokemon DP, mistaking him as another ex-sysop troll, although DP is the only ex-sysop not meaning any harm. Much of the rest of the plot, would take place in other wikis and possibly, maybe even the Real World.


  • The original plot of Issue 5 had Carter and Lee fighting Agentseethroo in Downtown New Wikisburg in the middle of the street (many car crashes would occur).
  • In every issue, except for the unfinished fourth issue, there is at least one user/non-user death. In the first Issue, Princess DB dies, second issue, some users are killed by the Cheese Lover Zombies and in the third issue, an unnamed Best Buy employee dies.