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  • title; Add only if it is different from the article's title
  • image; A picture of the user
  • site; The sites this user appears in
  • rank; This user's rank on those sites
  • species; This user's species
  • location; Where is this user?
  • join; The date this user joined the sites he or she is on
  • gender; Is this user a boy or a girl?
  • allies; This user's favorite users
  • family; Who is this user related to?
  • goals; What are this user's goals?
  • likes; What does this user like?
  • dislikes; What doesn't this user like?
  • moves; What are this user's moves?
  • theme; What is this user's theme?
  • specialty; What does this user edit the most?
  • aliases; Does this user have any nicknames?
  • score; How many edits you have done on MarioWiki or Userpedia?
  • age; How old is this user?
  • personal; Any more information?