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|title=Navigation Template
|group1=Example 1
|list1=Lorem Ipsum
|group2=Example 2
|list2=Lorem Ipsum 2: Electric Boogaloo
|group3=Example 3
|list3=Lorem Ipsum 3: Revenge of the Electric Boogaloo
  • Colors may be customized by using the bodybgcolor, titlebgcolor, groupbgcolor, and listbgcolor parameters. All colors are allowed, from color names to their hex value.
  • If you think the navbox is too wide, use the width parameter to adjust it. It defaults to 100%.
    • Likewize, the group column's width can be adjusted. It defaults to 15em.
  • To make a bullet point, you can use either ·, • or a simple hyphen. -

Why a standard navbox?

This is my attempt to make a standard navigation box template for people who make them, in order to simplify creation of other navboxes. As this may be implemented in many high-use templates after initial work on this template is complete, major changes to this template should be voted on first.

Discussion, criticism, suggestions should of course be taken to this talk page.