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Cheese Lovers!
3Dejong · Aipom · Glowsquid · Guiliant · HK-47 · Master Crash · Max2 · Smiddle · Steve ·Plumber · Xzelion ·YellowDinoDude
This is only for the original ones who participated in the Cheese Craze of '07 mind you, Cheese Lovers with a capital C and L). If you are a cheese lover, you don't belong on this template, you belong in France.
Note: Some on the list, such as Steve, did not participate in most Cheese Lover activities, but either had the category or affirmed their love for cheese during the Craze.
Note: Glowsquid is crossed out because he later hated cheese to such a degree that he tried (and failed) to get the Cheese article deleted.