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Rank User
Species Chain Chomp
Gender Male
Allies SMB, MG1, Smasher, DHS, Anton, and others.
Dislikes Trolls, Rolls, Polls, and Manholes.
Aliases Sir Chompy, Chompy

<ThunderServ>: But you can't have two girls... >_>
<Tehchomps>: Well Thunder, the other one is awesome too. Why settle for one? I can get them both.

Tehchomps to ThunderServ, #Tehchat

Tehchomps is a user who joined Userpedia at the beginning of October 2009. He also used to be writer of the Did You Know? section of The Disconnected, before it was cancelled.

Joining Userpedia

Had it not been for Ralphfan and SMB, Tehchomps would never have joined Userpedia. In late September, Tehchomps had reached his second month as a MarioWikian, and read a forum post by Ralphfan about an ultimate character tourney in his chatroom. Using the chat applet in MarioWiki, he was able to stay in the room #mariowiki, but not in Ralphfan's. Luckily, SMB had been waiting for people like Tehchomps, took him to Userpedia, and let him join #ralphchat, which only had two attendants at the time.

Becoming a User

A while later, Tehchomps came back to Userpedia. At that time, only MG1 was present. MG1, being the great helper he is, explained to Tehchomps how to register and made him his own chatroom, #tehchat. Then MG1 showed him the basics of Userpedia, like rules and the powers of Users. Some time after that, Tehchomps was gaining a bit more knowledge of Userpedia, and had met some interesting characters.

Friends, Enemies, and Frenemies


Tehchomps met Marioguy1 a few days after he arrived at userpedia. Marioguy1 decided to help Tehchomps and showed him around the chatroom even teaching him how to create his own channel. He then led Tehchomps to userpedia and helped him out there. They are very good friends and meet together on chat every now and then.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. was the first user Tehchomps met when he came to the wiki. Tehchomps was helped out a lot by Super Mario Bros. and they developed a friendship and now Tehchomps sees Super Mario Bros. around every now and then and they have fun every time it happens.


Glaive is, according to Tehchomps, "probably the nicest person on userpedia" and he developed a great friendship with him becoming one of his greatest admirers. To this day Tehchomps talks to Glaive though he only ever calls him Katana based off of the name Tehchomps first met him as.


Ralphfan is another one of Tehchomps' friends in the chatroom. Every Wednesday, Tehchomps goes to the chatroom for a character battle which he learned about from ralphfan's post on the forums. When Tehchomps went to the first meeting, he had lots of fun and became friends with Ralphfan. Tehchomps annoys Ralphfan a lot of the time but they are still friends.


Tehchomps could say a lot about Tabuuownsall132x2 but he is afraid of Tabuu because he used to be a Bureaucrat, and Tehchomps has a fear of Bureaucrats.

Mario Awards
Director of the Mario Awards
Wayoshi · Stooben Rooben · Ralphfan · Turboo · Smasher · Anton
Sub-director of the Mario Awards
Super Mario Bros. · Turboo · Super Mario Bros. · Superchao
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