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User Soup sign-ups will not exactly work like most work on Userpedia. Since this is a show that goes on recent events, your name may be called without asking depending on your role in an event. News as of 4/9/09: You can now sign up for a special guest appearance on the show. However you must be aware that I choose when you appear just because you signed up today does not mean you'll show up on the following week's episode

Normal Reappearences

Mankini - Neurario (Fired) Replaced with RAP
Intern - Paper Jorge
2 Nerds - Silver Waddle Dee,Iceyoshi
Pet Non-User that eats Spaghetti-Sparta Jr.

Special Guests

20 Names at a time, A list of Special Guests that have shown up will be on the Main User Soup page and they will be removed from this list for people to fill in their spot.

  1. ParaBob-omb
  2. KingAbra
  3. SmartyGuy11
  4. MarioBros777
  5. Alex25
  6. Z3r0 Tw0
  7. Arend
  8. Tucayo
  9. Ralphfan
  10. Nerdy Guy
  11. FireKirby
  12. Edofenrir
  13. My Bloody Valentine
  14. Ugozima
  15. Fuzzipede27
  16. Gamefreak75
  17. MrConcreteDonkey
  18. Mr bones
  19. BluePikminKong497
  20. Koopa-Paratroopa

Removed until Proven Otherwise

  1. Peachycakes 3.14
  2. Shroobario
  3. Glitchman
  4. Gupdoo3
  5. Henrydamoose


Can I be one of the nerds? Silver Waddle Dee 01:01, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

Sure SonicMario

I got your memo, SM. You could probably use my anti-hero personality, but make it a bit more humourous. So, kinda of a mix between my badass personality, and my real personality. User:Master Lucario

Hey, could Maurice the Terrible make an appearance here sometime? He's a green Knuckles. - S_ar_c__w v_n St_ub_n(C)

Perhaps, but probably only a quick glance in like a picture. I don't think I'll have him on stage. SonicMario(T|C|E)

Hey, um... It's Blade Bro's. B-day tomorrow, so, could you have him in the next issue as a major role? ParaBob-omb(T|C|E)

I know I don't have sprites, but could I make a small cameo, sometime? - Tazzy

I don't have sprites. They'll need to look like this pic. – Ralph.pngRalphfanIf anyone can do that, tell me here.Ralph.png