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Tabuu's Guide to Sadistic Torture: Jorge's Viewpoint

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I couldn't see anything-it was all pitch black. A video camera was set on a tripod and Paint it Black was trying desperately to turn it on.

"You push the green button," I managed to say, despite being gagged. "Thanks," Paint it Black replied, as the camera made beeping noises and sprang into action. "Hello," Paint It Black said to the camera, smiling pleasantly, "this is my guide on how to cause someone total, utter agony." Paint It Black looks back at me strapped onto a wooden plank, helpless. But it's not like I care. I at least missed school today. "And our subject is- guess who- Jorge."

Paint It Black walked towards me, smiling as I shaked my head furiously, hoping he'd understand that what I was saying was YOU IDIOT, IT'S NOT RECORDING.'

Paint It Black pulls a small dagger from a pouch on his waist, and smiles an ever more sinister manner. He slowly begins to cut me across the arms and smiles sinisterly while I just lay there doing nothing. Did anyone happen to read the Userpedia Fact Book which clearly states paper can't feel pain? I was gagged, so I couldn't scream to tell him this. Paint smiles as he continues slicing downwards until he impales the dagger through my hand. "How does it feel, Jorge?" Tabuu asks. "Do you want more?" I shake my head furiously, tears falling from my eyes because I just realized I missed an episode of The Office. Paint chuckles yet again. He conjures up a medical scapel.

"Did you know that every part of the foot is connected to another part of your body? The Orient call it the human keyboard." Paint begins to slowly stab through Jorge's right foot, smiling at the Mtn Dew Code Red and the apparent pain. He proceeds to do the same to the other foot, and impales the other hand on another dagger. Tabuu removes my gag, and I let out a scream of frustration because I heard today's episode was gonna have something very important.

Paint chuckles obviously not understanding why I'm screaming. "Don't worry, Jorge. No one will find you. No one will hear you." "You...you psychopath! What do you want from m-me!?" I yelled and began crying because I just remembered I left the water running at home. Paint chuckles. "Screams. Blood. Pleads for me to stop."

I looked confused. He thought the Mtn Dew Code Red was blood. If I hadn't been strapped down, I would've facepalmed. Paint pulls out a small vial. "Do you know what this is, Paperboy?" he asks. I shake my head hoping it's Mountain Dew. Paint leers. "Liquid Nitrogen." Paint takes off the lid, and slowly pours it on my stomach. I scream because it's so ticklish and I'm screaming for it to stop.

"STOP! STOP PLEASE! I'M BEGGING YOU, MAKE THE PAIN STOP!" I screamed laughing at the tickling of that funky liquid probably gotten from Wal*Mart. Paint walks out of the room. Water begins to flow out of hatches in the room.


That idiot left the camera in the room. There goes 1,000 dollars.