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A drawing of Puddin by Edofenrir.
Species Magikoopa
Location California
Gender Male
Relatives Quickie-la (sister)
Likes toucans, fangaming, procrastinating, comics, pepperonis
Moves Magikoopa Geometry, Partner Boost, Glasses Throw Attack, Toucality
Theme(s) Kamek's Theme
Specialty/Most Active Deus ex Machina
Personal information Real name: Mason

Birthday: 09/10/1990
Joined MW Forum: 08/01/2009
Joined UP Wiki: 11/23/2010

Puddin is a user on the Mario Wiki Forum and Userpedia. They are the author of the The Three Mushketeers.]



Puddin first joined the Mario Wiki Forum in August of 2009. Shortly after joining, they spent a lot of time on #paperchat on the IRC. After about about a month, Puddin stopped posting and visiting the IRC, but they returned to the Mario Wiki Forum in 2010 and became a very active user. On January 27th, 2011, Puddin was promoted to a Userpedia Patroller, and on April 17th of that year, they were promoted to a Sysop.

Character Backstory

Puddin's mother is a Koopa Troopa and his father is a Shyguy. They had nonidentical twins, a Koopa Troopa (Puddin) and a female shyguy (Quickie-la.) Shortly after their birth their mother was kidnapped by Bowser. When Quickie-la and Puddin became teenagers Puddin joined the Koopa Troop and Quickie-la joined The 8 Bits (Wart's crew.) Puddin eventually got promoted to a Magikoopa and Quickie-la got promoted to a Shyguy.

The rest of Quickie-la's story is unknown (how she went from a normal Shyguy to a Shyguy with fairy wings) but Puddin went from a regular Magikoopa to a Magikoopa with brown hair, square glasses, and a blue cape by finding a Toucan Feather.

Appearances in Userpedia Fiction

Puddin appeared in every issue where the Mushketeers were on screen, except issues six through nine, where they were transformed into Oprah Winfrey.

Puddin was found dead (after eating a poison doughnut) in Book 1, Chapter 1 of New Super Mario's story .

Puddin had a minor role running the Mason & Life Shroom Hospital in Chapter 6, Part 6 of Mr bones' comic Trolls' Island.

Puddin appeared in Neptune99's comic, A Spammers Revenge, as a shopkeeper in the wastelands of Userpedia. They and Scorpion999, being ever so hospitable, allowed Doomship and Jaime to stay the night.

Puddin stars as a main hero with New Super Mario in Struck by Evil.

Puddin appears in the chapter titled A Thousand Suns. They were on look-out duty for G.H.O.S.T. when all of a sudden Iras attacks the base, killing Puddin in the process.

Puddin was ambushed by Peachycakes in Episode 6. Later in the series, they usually appeared alongside Peachycakes, Yoshiwaker or Master Koopakid.

Puddin appears in the Prologue witnessing the nuclear explosion and blast. They are later implied in Chapter 4 to be suffering from their mutation. They were found and taken to the Sysop Palace to be taken care of, medically, since their mutation was about to go full blown and maybe kill them, but Zero managed to save their life, but the mutation is full blown, allowing them to summon and manipulate their skeletal structure, their mutant name is May's Sin. They later join The RĂ©sistance. They, with many other characters, fended off the zombie horde and later participated in the assault of the Zero Corps. Tower, successfully claiming it as their own base. Puddin also raided the Greases underground city with the others. Someone rewrite this crap. Seriously.

They were seen in The Argentinean Beef Ribs Day Disaster, where Uniju called them during a date.

Puddin first appeared in Episode 3.

Old Comics

The Three Mushketeers

Puddin ran a sprite comic called The Three Mushketeers from October of 2010 to August of 2011, starring themself, Gupdoo3, Solar Blaze, and Neptune99. The users Gamefreak75, FireBabyLuigi11, SpinyMaster347, Tigertot, GalacticPetey, QuizmoManiac, Mr bones, Tucayo, RedFire Mario, Krizzy, and Scorpion999 made appearances as villains, while the users Mario Fan 123, UltraMario3000, New Super Mario, Castle Toad, Quickie-la, Iceario, Ralphfan, Aiko, Rocker64, Hypnotoad, Smasher 101, Baby Mario Bloops, MCSoulja, Fuzzipede27, and Grapes appeared as allies.

You can download this comic at the archive here.

Anton the 5th Mushketeer

Puddin ran a sprite comic called Anton the 5th Mushketeer from August of 2011 to May of 2012, starring Hypnotoad, Solar Blaze, and Neptune99. Themself and the users N, Yoshiwaker, FireEevee, Supremo78, Fly Guy 2, Master Koopakid, Nabber, Turboo, and Dippy appeared as villains, while the users Quickie-la, Castle Toad, Frosty, SKmarioman, PyroGuy6, and Zero777 appeared as allies. Due to issues in Puddin's personal life, they were unable to complete the comic.

You can download this comic at the archive here.

Bouncing Through the Multiverse

Due to issues in Puddin's personal life, they were unable to complete the comic.

You can download this comic at the archive here.

Macadamia Kai

This was a failed attempt at remaking The Three Mushketeers, remaking and finishing The Fifth Mushketeer, and finishing Bouncing Through the Multiverse. Due to issues in Puddin's personal life, they were unable to complete this project.

You can download this comic at the archive here.

Cashew Comics





Puddin's character lives in a capsule house.





  • Puddin is obsessed with toucans.
  • Puddin is Quickie-la's sibling.


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