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Sysop Palace

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Sysop Palace

Sysop Palace is a location in New Wikisburg. While 1337 Town had Sysop Tower, New Wikisburg has Sysop Palace, which is much greater and has more rooms. The first room is the entrance where guests can sign up. A bureaucrat or sysop and sometimes patrollers stand in the first room welcoming guests and signing them up by making them fill out a short form where they put in their user name, password, e-mail (not necessary) and real name (not necessary either).

The second floor is off-limits to regular users-the second floor is for patrollers where they can hang out. The third floor is for sysops and it has many things. It has files of blocked users, deleted pages and some information about trolls. There is also the Sysop Meeting Room and the Sysop Discussions where sysops and bureaucrats (but not patrollers) can discuss events happening in the wiki. The fourth floor is for bureaucrats only and it is for rename users and other things. The bureaucrat room even has a button that can instantly destroy the wiki, and another one that can send it into a Wiki Drought.

Its only appearance is in Ten Thousand Trolls.


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