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Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars

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Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars
Developer(s) Pyro Productions
Publisher(s) Pyro Productions
Genre Action RPG
Rating(s) TBD

Super Wiki RPG: Legend of the Colored Stars is a community fangame project currently in development, mainly programmed by Pyro. The forum thread is here.

It will be an action RPG, featuring four playable characters, eight worlds based on the Wiki World, and mostly original gameplay.


One night, a massive meteorite crashes down into the Boring Plains next to New Wikisburg, causing a huge explosion that causes a dark aura to swarm over the entire Wiki World. The next day, Smasher finds New Wikisburg barren of anyone except an idiot named Pyro and finds out he has lost all of his ranks. Despite being treated as a new user by machines, Smasher must go on a quest to retrieve his special ranks from MCD and his co-villains and rescue all the users that went missing.


Confirmed Locations

  • 1-1: New Wikisburg
    • The 'Shroom Headquarters
    • Proposals Hall
    • Spam Vault
    • Wikisburg Apartments
    • Wikisburg Bank
    • The Arcade
  • 1-2: Boring Plains
  • 1-3: Skull Fortress
  • Mindless Junk


  • Pyro

  • PTR
  • SKmarioman

  • (none)

  • LN1
  • Tucayo
  • MCD
  • Razzoom
  • '3K

  • Pyro