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Super Wiki RPG: Legend of The Golden Boo

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Super Wiki RPG: Legend of The Golden Boo is a RPG game created by Randombob-omb4761. You can sign up to be in the game here.

Playable Characters

Image Name
RB4761 True Form.png Randombob-omb4761

Main Villains

Image Name
RudnickiMario.png Rudnicki
WoW-PR.png Willy on Wheels
ShadowPeachycakesartwork.png Peachycakes


Characters with unknown roles


Please note this is not in order as of yet.



  • Rudnicki
  • A sheep similar to the enemy and to Hisstocrat
  • Smoke
  • Super Rudnicki
  • Rudnicki Soul
  • General Shroob
  • A Wallop-like boss
  • Willy on Wheels
  • Peachycakes
  • Mariobros1985