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Super Shy Guy

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Super Shy Guy
Super Shy Guy on the floor.jpg
Rank User
Species Shy Guy
Gender Male
Allies Stooben Rooben, Master Crash, Grapes, Super-Yoshi, Master Lucario, RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Tabuuownsall132x2, RAP
Likes Video Games, Video Game Music, Pasta, Pizza, Ice Cream, Some other stuff
Dislikes Most Veggies, Many Foods, Trolls, Idiots
Aliases Super (Insert any Shy Guy name here), SSG, Mega Yoshi
Age 13*, 14*

Super Shy Guy is a shape-shifting User on Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia.


Super Shy Guy was browsing through Mario data on Wikipedia when he came across the Super Mario Wiki. He joined, but basically never edits. He's mainly around to look at upcoming Mario events and to chat in the chatroom. Eventually someone in the chatroom said that he could not upload custom images of created things on Mario Wiki, so Super Shy Guy asked where he could. The response was Userpedia. He joined, and he tried to maintain his pet's articles, but eventually they were all lost when the Scribblewiki crashed. He was devastated, and didn't come back for a few months.

He's Back!

When he went on his unannounced hiatus, he had gotten the computer game Spore, so he was not on for a few months. After awhile, he decided to see what was up, so he came back. The new Userpedia had been made, and he was delighted. But then he remembered that during the shutdown of Userpedia, his own computer had crashed, causing him to lose all data on his computer. He had to get a new hard drive, and the back-up was fried. He has since been working on his sprites again and might be creating a pet or two.


  • Basic Shy Guy Powers
  • Is able to become any Shy Guy known to the Mario universe


  • All his other Shy Guy Forms
  • Mega Yoshi, his Yoshi form
  • Mega Kirby, his Kirby form
  • Mega Meta Knight, his Meta Knight form, as he has two Kirby forms
  • Mega Metal Sonic, his Sonic and Metroid form, it has an arm cannon that comes from Metroid
  • Various Pokémon forms, mainly Rotom


Somewhat active, Lord over most Shy Guys.

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