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Super Luigi 128

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Not to be confused with Luigi 128 or Super Luigi 821.

Super Luigi 128
Member of: Super Mario Wiki, Userpedia, Fantendo
Rank User
Species Human
Gender Male

Superluigi128 is a User on the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. Although he barely ever visits Userpedia or Mariowiki anymore.


  1. Youtube as SegaNintendoGamer
  2. Webs.com (Website: Super Mario Central )
  3. Xbox Live (Gamertag: Mariogamer1985)
  4. The Super Mario Wiki
  5. Userpedia
  6. Fantendo
  7. Mariowiki Forum.
  8. Nintendolife.com

Physical Appearence

Super Luigi 128 is a male human with a green shirt and blue overalls. He looks alot like Luigi with some differences. The most noticable differences would be the green shell on his back and the helmet on his head. A red "128" can be seen on the middle of his helmet. Super Luigi 128 occasionally removes his helmet and his shell, replacing his helmet with a green cap that also includes a "128". One example would be in Wiki Kart Wii. In this game, Super Luigi 128 removes his shell so he can sit down in his kart (The shell is a little too big for the kart). He removes his helmet to avoid losing it while on the track. Another difference would be his hammer. Super Luigi 128 never leaves his hammer anywhere and can always be seen with it.


Super Mario Wiki

Finding the Wiki

In 2009, Super Luigi 128 got a Nintendo DSi, pretty soon he was desperate for games. He decided to look up a game his friend had that looked fun, it was called "New Super Mario Bros". Super Luigi 128 was already familiar with wikipedia, so he typed exactly this: "New Super Mario Bros., Wikipedia". The Wikipedia article for NSMB was the first hit! so Luigi clicked on it..... ....Then, before the Google search dissapeared, he saw a link below that said: "New Super Mario Bros. - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario Encyclopedia". After seeing this, Super Luigi 128 tried to click on it, luckily, he was fast enough, the Mario Wiki popped up instead of Wikipedia. Super Luigi 128 had just found the Super Mario Wiki.

Joining the Wiki

Super Luigi 128 has been on Mario wiki for 2 years at the time of writing. He joined on the 14th of February in 2011, 41 days before the Nintendo 3DS was released in american stores. He had been using the wiki as a source of info since 2009, but later signed up because he thought he could help out. Super Luigi 128 used to edits to existing articles. He has become less active on SMW ever since he joined Userpedia, and has since then become less active on Userpedia as well.


Super Luigi 128 is usually active on SMW, editing articles and especially his userpage. He's made a couple friends on the Wiki, his first friend was Yoshidude99.

He has recently been less active than usual. Super Luigi 128 Spends alot of his time on other sites such as nintendolife.com and youtube.com


Finding and Joining the Wiki

One day, on the Super Mario Wiki, B.wilson sent him a Userspace reminder, telling him to edit more on the mainspace and less on the userspace. in that reminder, Super Luigi 128 saw a link to Userpedia. He clicked on it, and it took him to the homepage. First thing he did was click on "Sign in", a few seconds later, he went back to the main page, puzzled because there was nowhere that said "Sign up" or "Create Account". Super Luigi 128 then saw a message around the top of the webpage that said: "Account creation has been disabled, If you wish to make an account, contact an Administrator in the Chatroom." After seeing that, he tried to do exactly what it said.

Java Fail

When he got to the chatroom, he found out that he needed the latest version of Java to run it. Super Luigi 128 downloaded it, then tried again. It STILL showed the same thing, and no matter how many times he tried, it still wouldn't work, finally, about a month later, he tried it on his laptop, it worked! (if only he'd thought of that before). First, Super Luigi 128 contacted SonicMario, however, he claimed that he had no clue how to set up an account for him. Next, SL128 tried Mason, Mason knew how to set him up an account (thank god). Once he became a member of Userpedia, right away, he changed his password from ********** to **************. After that, he made an article about himself (your'e reading it). Since than he has done a couple other things. So far he has not appeared in many comics or stories, but has signed up for many of them and has yet to appear in one. Super Luigi 128 has Made Artwork for a few games on userpedia and is most likely to appear in at least one of them. Super Luigi 128 did appear in a comic he made himself: Comic 128. Unfortunately, like most random non-sprite comics, Comic 128 was put on hiatus one day because of a lack of ideas and time for the comic. With only about three issues, comic 128 can safely be called a dead comic (unless SL128 makes a comeback with it, which is unlikely).


It's a Fantendo!

Super Luigi 128 joined Fantendo after hearing about it on Userpedia, he hasn't done anything on the site yet. He had already had a Wikia account that he once used for his Super Mario Galaxy wiki, that wiki was a failure though, since he was the only one who knew about it. Super Luigi 128 recently created the Paper Mario Wiki, a Wikia site.

Forum Get!

Super Luigi 128 recently joined the Super Mario Boards and has made some posts between then and now.



  • Super Luigi 128 still needs to use his Laptop on order to access the chatroom.
  • Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros. 2 are the only games that Super Luigi 128 has played and beat without getting even ONE Game Over.

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