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Suicide League

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Suicide League is a Superhero Fan Story written by Goomba's Shoe15 and Neptune, and edited by Propeller Toad, and Toad85 (previously edited by Scarecrow von Steuben, Nabber, QuizmoManiac, and Bop1996). Sign ups are open ask Goomba's Shoe15 if your interested.


The Story takes place in Nintendo Land ruled by Nintendo Queen Arielle the Beautiful. The story stars a bunch of superheroes who were rejected from the Bowserpedia Guild taking on missions that are either to minor or to dangerous for the Guild to take on.

Suicide League members

  • Goomba's Shoe15: The leader of the group once a normal security guard for the Bowserpedia Guild prison until one day he found a space ship wreckage and discovered a radioactive suit which gave him the ability to teleport and warped his mind allowing him to recognize that he is fictional and making appear crazy to his peers.
  • Tom Uniju: an all powerful being with unexplained powers rejected from the Guild because of his temper and rebellious nature joined the Suicide League to prove himself to the Guild.
  • Ultra Mario: Once a normal janitor who gained super strength after eating an odd purple mushroom unfortunately it also caused his intelligence to drop leaving him dumb as a rock.
  • Rocky Rockington the 3rd (A.K.A Brock): Has the ability to turn himself into a giant indestructible rock man. Unfortunately this lowers his mobility and causes him to sink in sand and makes it impossible to climb up and down hills.
  • Count Bonsula: Ability to rebuild himself after taking damage. Downside is that he is really weak due to being just bones.
  • A Random Yoshi (A.K.A Random Yoshi): Added because every good team has a Yoshi on it. Has the ability to turn into The Premium Yoshi who can fly and is smarter than the average Yoshi.
  • Air Mario (A.K.A Air Mario 64): Has the ability to manipulate Air however he suffers from poor control and lack of understanding of his power.
  • Propeller Toad: Has the ability to fly however only has limited use and spins as he descends making him an easy target.
  • Pyro: Has a special suit that can burst into controlled flames however he feels pain due to the intense heat coming from the suit when it's on fire.
  • Jason the Magifoofa: A Magifoofa brought into replace Mason who was to busy for this fan fic.
  • Willy on Wheels: Troll who claims to have reformed joins the league in exchange for a pardon as well as to make up for past deeds.

Random Villains

  • Nabber: A petty mugger desperate for money to survive.
  • Dr. Javelin: Jack Noir (A.K.A Dr. Javelin) is a former Olympic athlete and playboy who grew bored of his live of leisure and turned to crime. He has no super powers but his athleticism makes him a tricky foe for the police to track down.
  • Goombella: A former adventurer who becomes possessed by an ancient artifact.
    • Master Koopakid: All powerful demon who was sealed away into a necklace and possess Goombella giving her great power at the cost of her free will.
  • Anton : A brilliant scientist who has discovered how to hypnotize people and begins kidnapping other scientists to help him perfect his research.
  • Hemu: CEO of 77 Herus Inc. and friend of Neptune99 plauged by nightmares and delusions of creatures he calls The Advisors
  • Narce: Boss of the Mafia.
    • Plumber: Don Narce's right hand man.
  • MG1: A robot created and modeled after the great hero Mario guy. Becomes self aware and plots to destroy mankind.
  • GalacticPetey: An alien Plant who attempts to take over the world with his plant army.

Other Characters

  • NintendoQueen: The Young and Beautiful Queen of Nintendo Land.
  • Toad85: The Royal adviser of the Nintendo Queen who attempts to get her to disband the Suicide League in favor of the Bowserpedia Guild.
  • Bowserpedia Guild: A Group of superheroes who attempt to get rid of what they call the reject league by giving them insanely dangerous missions.
    • Neptune99: Leader of the Guild ability to breath fire and super strong.
    • Smasher: Super strong Yoshi who knows multiple fighting strategies and can fly serves as the Guilds head of security.
    • Blue Koop: Koopa with Super Speed serves as the guilds public relations expert.
    • MrConcreteDonkey: Super intelligent Yoshi who serves as the Guilds Head of Intelligence.
    • Nega Man: Guild member with the ability to fly using a special cape.
    • Frostyfireyoshi Has the ability to breath Ice and is immune to fire.
    • Aldo: Guild member with the ability to shape shift into any species also good with a spear.
    • Mario and Luigi: Conjoined twins who have the unique ability to split in two one both are great athletes and have great jumping ability.
    • Spiny Master: Has the ability to shoot spikes and duck into his spiky shell for protection.
  • Bop1996: Mercenary with the ability to take the form of any character.
  • Scarecrow von Steuben: Former member of the Bowerpedia Guild who defected and became a mercenary with Bop.
  • Crocodile Dippy: Australian Superhero.
  • QuizmoManiac: Captain of the royal guard gives the Suicide League there assignments.
  • Phoenix: Intergalactic crime fighter.
  • Non Talking Guard number 7: Pretty self explanatory.
  • The Maple Soldiers: An environmental superhero group consisting of environmental superheroes.
    • The Maple Warrior: A human with the ability to absorb the powers of nature and use them as a big super attack.
    • Luna: The Maple Warriors wife has the ability to communicate with all aspects of nature from plants to animals.
    • Shivers: A Twighlighter with the ability to survive in sub-zero temperatures.
    • Faust: A Yoshi who has the ability to control the flow of water.
    • Dice: A jester who has the ability to survive in extremely hot temperatures
    • Pilo. T and Come. T: Husband and wife team of toads Pilo T. can create sonic booms like thunder and Come T. can create electrical blasts like lighting.
    • Tommy Charger: A human who has the ability to absorb electricity like rubber.
    • Sarge: A Dark Koopatrol who was sent to destroy the forest that the team lives in but fell in love with the teams life style and joined them instead.
  • Omega Tyrant humanoid wolf superhero who has a the ability to move things with his mind.


Suicide League: Volume 1

Suicide League Who's Who


  • The name Suicide League comes from the stories inspiration the Suicide Squad which a DC Comic book series about Super Villains who do dangerous mission in exchange for pardons and reduced prison sentences.
  • Goomba's Shoe15 character is based off his real life favorite Superhero Ambush Bug.