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It's like the weather is bipolar and wants to kill us.

Stumpers: at once a well-meaning sysop and a Tanooki-obsessed college student.

Stumpers is a former MarioWiki sysop who specializes in completely rewriting articles. Although he takes far greater interest in the stories being told through the titles, Stumpers also has an interest in the history of the Super Mario series. Stumpers joined the Wiki, left, returned, was promoted to sysop, and currently enjoys his duties and entertains the thought that someday the Wiki will be a famous source for Super Mario series information. He went inactive for a period of about six months, and with no explanation for a long period of time, however, he came back for a short period of time on 24 September 2009 to explain to Stooben Rooben his current situation, that he has been on hiatus to work on college-oriented work, and hinted that he may come back some time in the future.

Stumpers has currently made a few minor cameos in Userpedia's comics. His sprites are the modified Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga sprites for Tanooki Mario.


Real Life

Before he joined the Wiki, Stumpers was an active user on the Nintendo Insider Forums. Tanooki Mario became his symbol, which he gives out as his appearance in comics to this day. Feeling that they took up too much time, he quit. When he decided to return, they had already been taken down by Nintendo, and so Stumpers set out to find a new place to share his knowledge and nostalgic love of the Mario series. The MarioWiki fit the bill perfectly.

Stumpers became a user, made several edits, and left after some time. His earlier edits are marked with "point of view" style and speculation made in an attempt to pull storylines together. After his first edit, creating and writing a complete article on WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$, he slowly learned the ropes from users like Wayoshi and Paper Jorge.

After he returned, he began editing much more heavily. Today, he considers his collaboration with Coincollector and Fixitup on the Mario Strikers Charged to be one of his best memories related to editing the Wiki, and his friendship with Stooben Rooben, once-enemy Pokemon DP, and the above mentioned users some of his best memories overall on the Wiki. As time passed, the sysops at the time saw fit to promote him to patroller status. When the patroller rank was abolished, Stumpers and the other current patrollers were promoted to sysops. As a sysop, Stumpers has attempted to remove the negative stigma placed on "non canon" sources and create a new system of canon and organization that will allow for the least speculation possible.

In Comics

The Wiki, and particularly Stumpers, is enthralled with the foxy (or should one say, Tanooki) new user. Note: the title has changed from "Stumpers meets Stumpina" to "Why Didn't I Join the Welcome Committee?"

Stumpers' story is very similar in the comics. His first appearances are after he became a sysop. Stumpers hopes to establish himself more as a character in his planned series, the "Not-So-Dire Adventures." The first bit of concept art is below for the first episode. The sysop hopes that the strip will provide relaxed, yet engaging adventures.

Appearances in Userpedia Comics


Ten Thousand Trolls

In Issue 3 of Paper Jorge's Ten Thousand Trolls, Stumpers makes an appearance along with the other current sysops. Sitting around the table, the sysops discussed Trospoll Disease. When an argument broke out, Stumpers suggested that Pokemon DP's views may have been valid, and that the Wiki had become corrupt.

Master Wikians

In Pokemon DP's Master Wikians comic, Stumpers makes several cameo appearances in crowds, including the line for Mario Kart Wii. DP confided in Stumpers that he will make an comparatively major appearance in an upcoming issue.

A Spammers Revenge

Stumpers makes a cameo in A Spammers Revenge in Episode 19 - Stumpers makes a cameo in this one. The title of Episode 19 obviously comes from the fact that Stumpers makes a cameo in that issue. Infact, Stumpers is actually one of the only three people to appear, minus the various statues that appear. While MCSoulja and New Super Mario engage battle, Stumpers is almost hit by the two, in which he replies "Dumb kids!", refering to the fact that he is an older user than both of the users, and thinks of them as "kids".


  • Stumpers has the most edits on the proposals page on the MarioWiki, he is followed closely by Time Q and Walkazo.

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