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Storm Yoshi

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Da Stormz is in da house!

Storm Yoshi

hahhahahahahah. I'm a crazy pyscopathic purple ball with feet and arms and jewels conjured from the dead by stealing floating parts of a comet that grants wishes that was destroyed to come back and get that kirby!

Storm Yoshi

Storm Yoshi on his cloud.

Storm Yoshi (Previously known as Super Yoshi10 and YoshRaptor) is a three year veteran user on the Super Mario Wiki. He is a Silver Yoshi with Lakithunder's cloud and Boshi's glasses.


Back when Storm Yoshi was Super Yoshi10 he had made five comics. Only one has not been criticized by other users on the Wiki's Forum. The first one was a Super Smash Bros. styled comic. Back then he didn't know how to use transparent leaving white backgrounds with the characters.

The second one was also a Super Smash Bros. Comic which was much better but it was lightly criticized by other users. The third one was a comic with Hammer Bros., Bommerang Bros. and Fire Bros. They went to Bowser for a raise. Bowser then 'Fired' them by breathing fire on them.

The fourth comic was the sequel to the previous comic. The bros were no eyeballs in ash but they could still speak so the Fire bro imitated Bowser and called Kamek who came. He then ordered Kamek to shoot spells everywhere one hitting the pile of ash which was the bros.. They then were reincarnated and the Fire Bro. hit Kamek with a fire ball. Later on they went to Bowsers potion cupboard and stole three enlarge potions making them huge. This series was discontinued as to many people criticized Super Yoshi10 and so he discontinued it.

The fifth was a comic was about how Bowser couldn't sing.

When he was Super Yoshi10 he made a cameo in When Sysops Attack! at the train station when an earthquake happened. It turned out, the quake was just the train coming. He boarded the Red Line train with a bunch of other users who wanted requests from the sysops. Super Yoshi10 wanted a name and sprite change. After that, he wasn't seen again.

He has appeared in King Mario's Comic as a major character in Raps Vacation. He is also set to appear in other upcoming ones. He has made a cameo so far in Mario Wiki: Clash as a Villain. So far he has only been seen looking very mad at King Mario, Dry Bones and Dry Bones Jr..

Storm Yoshi has made two cameo appearances in Master Wikians so far. The first was in the Prologue, How it Started, in which he was seen at the Redline Station, after Xzelion and Pokemon DP had found a group of "lost users" after the meteor impact. The second was in the Chapter, A Frosty Foe, where he appeared in The 'Shroom HQ, walking past while MarioBros777 conversed with Phoenix Rider. Storm Yoshi also appears in Wiki's End Chapter Seven, Part Three where he is seen destroying Peachycakes' sockpuppet.


Before Storm Yoshi thought of becoming Super Yoshi10 (that's what he used to be). He liked Dinosaurs a lot so he thought of becoming Speedy, the name that he usually associates Velociraptors with. But he wanted to be something more related to Mario.


Cool I caused a shockwave of hate

Storm Yoshi

DB.Jr won't be happy!

Storm Yoshi

Me Bored.
You has bad english,
Me know.

RedFire Mario and Storm Yoshi

Userpedias blowing up! D: I'm serious!.
No its not
Its going insane!
No u
It is for me!

1337Yoshi then Storm Yoshi

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