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An unidentified Steward in a really busy day checking over everything from his throne.

Stewards (sometimes also known by names such as widgeteditor, proprietor, or interwiki) are the highest rank of power on many wikis. In most cases, each wiki has only one Steward, who is generally the founder member of the wiki, such as porplemontage or Xzelion. However, another Steward may be promoted when the original one retires, as was the case with ChaosNinji when Xzelion retired from Userpedia, and Ultima Bahamut when ChaosNinji retired shortly afterward, and later Stooben Rooben because of his edits. Stewards have access to most parts of a wiki, and can do many things sysops and bureaucrats can not. On most Wiki Farms, Steward has much less power, sometimes limited simply to promoting people to Steward and demoting Bureaucrats. On Wikia, there is no Steward rank and instead there is Wikia Staff, who are the people who manage Wikia and are also the only people capable of demoting users.

MarioWiki proprietor

User Date of Promotion Promoted By Promotion Comment
porplemontage 20 Aug, 2005 N/A None, auto-promoted upon creation of wiki

Userpedia stewards

Current stewards

User Date of Promotion Promoted By Promotion Comment
Anton 18 November, 2012 Super Mario Bros. Hypnotoad has the maturity and understanding of the goings-on of the community and is perhaps one of the most dedicated staff members. Stooben and I feel that he can help lead Userpedia in a positive direction. Congratulations!
Master Crash 18 November, 2012 Super Mario Bros. Master Crash has been a dedicated member of Userpedia for many years now, and Stooben Rooben and I feel that he has the necessary experience to help lead Userpedia into a positive direction. Congratulations!
Stooben Rooben1 29 May, 2009-5 October 2009; 5 October 2009-20 February 2010; 28 June 2010 Stooben Rooben This is what we decided on.

1Was demoted when Tabuuownsall132x2 was hacked by Paper Jorge on 5 October 2009.

Demoted stewards

User Period of Reign By Whom? Reason for Demotion
ChaosNinji 1 Sept. 2008 — 3 Feb 2009 (retired 3 Nov. 2008) N/A Demoted by request.
Glaive 1 2 October 2009 Stooben Rooben 'K
Marioguy1 4 February 2010 — 28 June 2010 Stooben Rooben SMB, MBV, and myself all agreed to this. This is not a demotion for dishonorable bevahior, but is merely a step we're taking because Userpedia needs a more proactive Steward.
Scarecrow 1 Dec, 2009 — 4 Feb, 2010 Stooben Rooben very, very long vacation from UP. I'm leaving MG1 in charge.
Super Mario Bros. 21 August, 2010 — 18 November, 2012 Super Mario Bros. After having served in this capacity for as long as I have, I feel that I have carried out all of the functions that I possibly could have to assist Userpedia and the community move forward as Steward. Henceforth, I am stepping down to Bureaucrat.
Tabuuownsall132x2 1 2 2 October 2009; 5 October 2009 Stooben Rooben Just for now, buddy
Ultima Bahamut 1 3 Nov, 2008-5 October 2009; 5 October 2009-20 February 2010 N/A Read my reasons for St00b.
Xzelion ~2007- 1 Sep. 2008 (circa) N/A Left Userpedia in the hands of ChaosNinji.

1 Was originally promoted when it was thought that Stooben Rooben was going on hiatus. When it was found he he wasn't, they were put back as Bureaucrats on 2 October 2009.
2 When Tabuuownsall132x2 was hacked by Paper Jorge on 5 October 2009, Paper Jorge promoted the hacked account and demoted all other administrators.

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