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Spyro The Dragon: Adventure in The Wiki World

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Spyro The Dragon: Adventure in The Wiki World, is an upcoming game by New Super Mario.


After coming back home from the events of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, Spyro and Sparx finally get to come back home and relax. However Spyro soon gets word from Elora that Ripto is still alive, and he's ran away into The Wiki World. Now, Spyro must join forces with old friends and possibly meet some new ones and chase him into The Wiki World.


Character Info
Spyro the Dragon


The playable character.


Sparx is a dragonfly that shows how much health Spyro has left by his color. Yellow for full. Blue for 3/4 full. Green for 1/2 full, and when Sparx disappears 1/4 full.


Elora the fawn guides Spyro on his journey


Hunter the cheetah helps Spyro with many things along his Journey with Orb Challenges and other things


Monybags blocks your way by making the player pay for many things in the game.

Home Worlds

Home Worlds are main areas where many portals to different worlds thrive.

Home World 1: New Wikisburg

The first home world, New Wikisburg, contains 6 portals along with a boss battle and a speedway. It contains many worlds based on fanfictions and comics.

New Wikisburg Portal Worlds

Cheese Meadows


Orbs Talisman
  • Race Edward on horses around the barn. Difficulty: 2 stars
  • Help Robert get rid of the 10 worms. Difficulty: 2 stars
  • Help Robert get rid of the 100 worms. Difficulty: 4 stars
  • Get through the Corn Maze: 3 stars
Farmer Don
Robert the Wizard

After getting some info from Elora, Spyro enters the first portal, Cheese Meadows, located by a tall building in New Wikisburg. Once he reaches Cheese Meadows, a farmer named Farmer Don tells Spyro that many mice have been eating his crop of cheese. The level features many mice-based enemies. In order to get the talisman (an object you need to defeat Ripto, along with Orbs) you must defeat all the mice around the farm, and visit Farmer Don at the end of the level. After talking to Farmer Don about the infestation. You must defeat a set of first enemies around in the meadow, and make you way up to the barn. The player can simply collect some gems and go straight through the barn, or they can talk to a an eagle on a horse. If they do the eagle tells Spyro his name, Edward, and he then offers Spyro to a race around the barn. If Spyro accepts, he will begin a race around the barn, each of them on horses. Whoever comes around the finish line first of 10 laps, wins. Spyro must avoid eggs that Edward will throw out if he's in first, or else Spyro will slow down if he hits one. If Spyro does win, he will be awarded an orb that Edward found in his nest. After coming out through the barn, you reach more meadows filled with more rats and a shed. The player must defeat those rats and can also collect gems around in the meadow. If the player enters the shed, there will be a small elevator in there that takes you underground. Once underground the player will see an underground laboratory. You must talk to a wizard, who says his name is Robert. Robert tells you all about how he spilled on of his magic potions in the lab and how it attracted many worms.. He then says he give Spyro a reward if he can flame them all away. If the player says yes they go over to the lab and once worms start crawling up to the spilled potion, you must flame them. If one touches the potion you have to start over. After flaming 10 worms, Robert will give Spyro an orb as a reward. However, more worms start to come. If the player accepts the challenge to battle 100 worms and wins, he can get another orb from Robert. After doing the challenges, Spyro comes up to the shed and comes out back to the meadow. Once again you go through another barn where you can collect gems. Then you come through the other end of the barn to a corn maze. You must defeat all the rats in the corn maze and find your way out to the end. At the end, Farmer Don is waiting for you. He gives you and orb for getting this far, but then tells you that a giant rat has been eating the crops over in the field ahead. You must run into the field and chase the giant rat around. If you flame him 15 times, he will fall down. After defeat, you must climb up a hill and enter a small cottage. In the cottage, Farmer Don is waiting along with some gems. He then gives you a talisman, and the portal back to New Wikisburg opens.