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Sparta Jr.

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Real Name Sparta Jr.
Age 17


Species Paratroopa,

Paratroopus pyrous,

Gender Male


Aliases SJ, Sparta, Flying Thing
Moves Fire Breath, Flying Kick, Spike Launcher, Earthquake
Allies Mastablasta, Explosive Pants Modifier

Sparta Jr. is Mastablasta's pet Paratroopa. He resembles Bowser Jr. with wings. His signature phrase is "THIS IS SPARTA JR!" which he says before kicking something.


When he was just an egg, he was left in a cave because his village had a ceremony of sacrificing on egg to the ice spirit that they thought was in the cave so they did not have bad weather. However, Mastablasta found him in the cave, and they hid in there. They lived in the cave for a while until they were found and forced by the army to help take down the realm's enemies.

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