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Jorge and SpammerBro, Chat

SpammerBro.png Credits to Beanbean for recolor

Date of birth October 28th
Location New Wikisburg
Gender Male
First edit Super Smash Bros. (Mario Wiki)

Userpedian User

Likes Rock music, Mario video games, Mega Man, Smash Bros., Boktai, Nirvana

Paper Jorge, Beanbean Paper Sam, Paper Alek, Brayds2006, Grapes





SpammerBro. or DarkBoy or BluCalhoun is a user in MarioWiki and Userpedia. He knows Paper Jorge in real life, and many others like him for making fun of him in chat just like Paper Sam, Paper Alek and collin do. He prefers to be called SB, Spam, Spammer, SpammerBro, or Tristan, which is his real life name. Back in October 2008, before SpammerBro registered on the wiki, he came on chat as Tristan and sang a knock off of the ABC's with stupid Mario references such as: "A is for always eating mushrooms, B is for Butt-kicking Koopas!". Paper Jorge called it the FailBCs. SpammerBro found the name funny and tried to take it and become famous by singing it in chat. SpammerBro now goes by the name BluCalhoun, and can be found in many places, such as steam or Xbox Live.

In the Wiki World, SpammerBro. lives in New Wikisburg, but has no home or place to live, so he sleeps out in the parks, or on the benches. When it is extremely cold and issues of The 'Shroom cant keep him warm, he tucks himself away in his cramped, shell. He has many hard spikes on his shell that are very deadly. He is hoping someone will come along and lend him a hand. His friends, who are almost always away other than Paper Jorge, will not help him find a place to stay. SpammerBro. has a strange love for pie. In Userpedia, SpammerBro. was making a comic called Wiki War I but the comic was canceled once his computer broke down while working on an issue.


Final de Wiki 3

SpammerBro appears in the background in an issue of Final de Wiki 3.

Wiki War I

Wiki War I is the first comic SpammerBro. has ever made, but it has been canceled due to his computer crashing while he was working on one of the last issues, all of which he had in many Paint windows. King Junior, an unknown boss, has caused all of the people in the Mario Wiki to hate each other, and Paper Jorge and SpammerBro have gone to the rescue to save the hearts of all of the people in the MarioWiki. Mass chaos has broken out over the wiki, and it is up to Jorge and SpammerBro., to stop it before it is too late! In the first few issues, SpammerBro. gets transformed from an odd-colored Hammer Bro to a human, and then permanently to a blue Spiny.


In/Out of battle sprites