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Spam Vault

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An unidentified Sysop sending a Troll to the Spam Vault.

The Spam Vault is a place in the MarioWiki where moderate level trolls and sockpuppets are all locked up. The entrance/exit of the Spam Vault is made specially so the door can only be opened on the outside, meaning trollers can't open it and escape. The Spam Vault is filled with junk, spam, all reverts ever done, all deleted pages and all blocked trolls. While it's appearance and characteristic are generally like this in it's appearances, it is often changed.


Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, Dnera has the power to send anyone to the Spam Vault (however it seems as if she can't get people out of the Spam Vault). In the comic series, 3dejong and Dry Bones are sent there and they meet 3D's Dad, fight with some trolls, and get into all kinds of troubles.