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Spam (or Vandalism) is a move used by Trolls. In this move, Trolls will do things they're not supposed to, such as stepping on grass, breaking flowers, knocking down trees, and hitting Users in the face.

Spam is usually stopped by Sysops and by Users who know how to take care of it. Sysops have their own attacks called Block and Rollback. Regular Users can attack by reverting edits that contain spam, since Rollback is basically a quicker version of reverting. Both of these moves stop the Spam. Sometimes good Users spam because of something they dislike about the MarioWiki.

In Mariowiki Island, there are two types of spam; the first type of spam is an enemy that is similar to the Phantoms in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, meaning that it can kill you in one blow, and the only way to kill them is with YellowYoshi398's Anti-Spam Eggs and Baby Steve's Ban Beam. The second type of spam is Paint-Spam, an obstacle produced by Willy on Wheels and Shadowclaw11 that appears naturally. It inflicts no damage, but it makes the ground slippery and hard to maneuver, it often appears near lava and bottomless pits. The only way to get rid of it is with Alphaclaw11's FLUDD. Dneres and Sockpuppets can also create heavy amounts of spam. However, the enemies that give off this spam can be defeated, meaning if you defeat a Dnere or Sockpuppet, they cannot create more spam.

In Wiki's End, Spam is a "language" that Fly Guy 2 is able to speak. Peachycakes also has the ability to use the spam move, a bright dark flash.

The Cheese Craze of '07 is sometimes mistaken as spam. The word "spam" comes from the name of a type of canned meat ("SPAM"), which was, although not realized by many people, actually a type of post-internet type of spam.


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