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Space Pizzas ate Monday/P1Ch1Sc4

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Part I, Chapter 1, Scene 4:

SPaM 1-01-04 01.png

SPaM faces anton.png
Ok, so the bridge from the outer ring to the core has been taken out.

The good news is that there's still seven more bridges that lead there, so this is just a minor setback.

The bad news is we have to go all the way back to where we came from, then bumble around in the ring until we run into another bridge, and then walk over that bridge to the core.
SPaM faces marowak.png
That doesn't sound too ba–
SPaM faces anton.png
Also, the way these things usually go is that the dragon will smash every one of those bridges juuust before we would have made it. There's really no other way this is going down now since I just said there are seven bridges.

So in all likelihood we're going to have to do this seven times.

SPaM 1-01-04 02.gif

SPaM faces anton.png
Because that's the way fate demands it.
SPaM faces marowak.png

SPaM 1-01-04 03.png

SPaM faces neptune.png
Are you going after the dragon, boss? Lemme help!
SPaM faces anton.png
Don't be silly, Neptune. You're the canteen chef. What are you going to do about a dragon?
SPaM faces neptune.png
I could throw a pan at it?
SPaM faces anton.png

Anton has left this conversation.

SPaM 1-01-04 04.png

SPaM faces neptune.png
OH! If you defeat the dragon, bring back some of the meat! I just had a GREAT idea for a sandwich!

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