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Sonic Rocks

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Sonic Rocks in his current appearance

Sonic Rocks, also known as Mr. Yellow and Chris McLean, is a reformed troll of the Super Mario Wiki and UnMarioWiki, and has even amounted to Bureaucrat on the latter. He started as a good user, helping and making helpful edits. Someday, probably influenced by Kool Koopa, he started to blank the Princess Peach page, claiming that she is not part of the Marioverse, and that must be deleted because she is not part of the Mickeyverse, a universe that in SR's head, which is "the most important universe in the videogame world".

He spammed, flamed Stooben Rooben, and challenged the sysops. After two weeks of being banned, he came back impersonating Rudnicki and making even more spam. Stooben quickly blocked him again for some days, but SR came back to attack his ex-friend Kool Koopa because she was ruining his reputation to RudnickiMarioX06 due to a block from an unknown wiki. Blocked again, SR passed some weeks thinking on a revenge plan to blank MarioWiki in November. Recently on UnMario, he un-banned Bowser The King (Kool Koopa) for an apology (Even though other sysops rebanned her, saying that she had enough chances to stay un-banned), and he said that he'll be on hiatus since Super-Yoshi and Stooben Rooben have degraded him on UnMario. But came back uncountable times.


He had been a guest during the first half of 2008 and his first step on the Wiki World was in UnMario Wiki, in July 25th 2008. He started reading pages of UnMario, liked the wiki so he made his 1st account, 1929crash.

Crash of an Account

The very first article he made was SUPER ORBULON RPG, which had the plot of Orbulon saving Ariel, it wasn't very good and got deleted by Purple Ninjakoopa (TheGreatBlockyBoo). After some days editing; a vandal known by the name Waddle Doo spammed UnMario Wiki and 1929crash flamed him in some pages, because of that, TGBB blocked 1929crash for 3 days.

When he came back, he made many articles, but some of them were too crappy in TGBB's opinion, so he got blocked again for 2 weeks. As he believed the ban was unfair, he spammed UnMario with a few accounts. After that he talked to TGBB after the unfair ban and they got a deal, so he created an account called Mr. Yellow.

Mr. Yellow times in UnMario

He started as Mr. Yellow on August 17th, 2008. During this time he contributed the most to UnMario Wiki. He used this account for about 2 months until he lost the password for it in October 24th.

From October 17th to November 1st, he was Bowser The King/The Hater in Wikia/Kool Koopa's friend. they used to play Mario Kart Wii online together and talk about UnMario. However, as KK was sockpuppetting in UnMario and frequently posing as Rudnicki, MrY thought she was the real one and banned her for two days and she got blocked for good in November 11th.

MarioWiki Attack and the promotion of Grapes and S-Y

Sonic Rocks created lots of Sockpuppets like Sir Richard Rose, Fish123, Bob1234 and various other socks banned by Stooben Rooben. In this plan, SR created Sir Richard Rose and spammed more than 10 pages. Super-Yoshi and other sysops tried to stop him, but couldn't. They warned Stooben Rooben, Glowsquid and Porplemontage. After some minutes, Sir Richard was banned. After, SR got angry and made lots of other puppets and spammed at least 20 pages with direct or indirect attacks to Stooben Rooben and S-Y. SR was blocked and S-Y got promoted to sysop. He was seen as *-* in MarioWiki, claiming to be his sister and insulting Super Yoshi's intelligence. However, Super-Yoshi countered back at Sonic Rocks, by spamming UnMarioWiki. St00by also wanted to help S-Y, but his account somehow got blocked before he could spam.

After that, Sonic Rocks came into the chatroom, trying to make fun of Stooben and S-Y, claiming he was French and calling users racist for flaming him. He got banned from the chatroom afterward. Past these events, SR got a truce with S-Y and Stooben Rooben (who got promoted in UnMario to sysop) and joined the forums. Hated by many, SR soon left the forums after the end of 2008.

The Battle for Userpedia Wikia

On January 2nd, 2009 this day a troll named Perfect Kirby joined Userpedia asking personal information of users. PK got banned, however after Grapes thought Mr.Y was him (however he wasn't).

When Mr. Y came, many users were yelling at him and he got blocked by 1337Yoshi (Ultima Bahamut). The battle was about to begin. Mr. Yellow created countless accounts in Userpedia Wikia,making over 1000 pages of spam. Then 1337Yoshi, Super-Yoshi, SvS, and KB99 proceeded to fight and (in the case of S-Y and 1337) block the many sockpuppets Cube had created.

Sonic Rocks has rejoined Userpedia the same day that Grapes joined. He impersonated Grapes and used Grapes' old user name Princess Grapes Butterfly. Some user began to think that the Grapes was the fake since she has used the name 1-Up Shroom on Userpedia. Then later on S-Y found out which was the real Grapes and who was the fake. He even tried to frame her as well, calling her Peachycakes on UnMarioWiki. He was blocked again for impersonating.

On the Chat, Sonic Rocks came impersonating HyperToad, and S-Y, RFM, DHS, Charizard and even KP Blue were flaming him in #1337Chat. Sonic Rocks even left for a while and came back. Wayoshi said that he think Sonic Rocks has done no harm, even though he is a troll, and sided with him- possibly because the two have similar troll histories. S-Y got bored of flaming him and said that he had better things to do, so after that, Sonic Rocks kept saying "ahahh I defeated u" and other stuff, and left for 5 days and came back, ready to make S-Y to change the fake information he had put on SR's page.

He made attacks such as the infamous Panda attack that had almost 200 pages with Panda Pictures. During the fights, he impersonated many trolls and could make a spam page in 20 seconds or less and after one of his accounts was blocked, he had another one ready to roll in 40 seconds. When he created the accounts related to the name WarioLoaf, he made the most infamous attack on UP Wikia: The LW attack, he made pages from 1 to 70~80 written like this: lw1, lw2, lw3... Many users (SLNO, Kingbowser99, Mario5x, Scarecrow Von Steuben) got desperate to revert the vandalism but couldn't do much without the coming of a sysop.

Sonic Rocks came back to Userpedia as Red Yoda, Pepsi Lemon Twist, and Pizza Hut saying he was trying to sell products without being paid by the manufacturers. He also made a sock called Whydoikeepbeingblocked? to do proper edits and contributions.

Sonic Rocks returned as Shady Koopa and Wonka Koopa. He annoyed S-Y and the other sysops even more this time, saying he reformed. He created an image saying that he's invinicible (Unbreakable Protection), however, soon KB99 edited it into making it look like Sonic Rocks would always lose (Breakable Protection). Mr. Guy offered a truce between them, and told them to stop fighting, but S-Y looked at the history of some pages, and saw that he was getting set up by them.

The battle was raging on to the point it reached Naruto Wiki,Mario Wiki Italy, Hannah Montana Wiki, where S-Y and SR flamed each other. SR tried to propose a deal while S-Y was deleting over 40 pages of spam, however S-Y did not accept and the fight kept on. In MW Italy, both were banned after SR wrote to the admin that S-Y was harassing him.

By the end of January, users were leaving because of the heavy dose of daily spam. But some others didn't and viewed the last days of battle... When Mr. Y impersonated Rudnicki by the end of January with accounts such as: Yoshita Moto, MarioX06, and Japanese names-alike. February begun and Wikia was empty, users moved due to the extreme vandalism and because UP Wikia wasn't liked much. However, Mr. Y kept spamming the chatroom and wiki until Crypt Raider proposed a deal, an user said everyone was calling him Perfect Kirby only to annoy him, because S-Y had told some users that SR wasn't PK,but kept the fake information. Later in April he was proven totally innocent.

Sonic Rocks went on a hiatus, and left the wiki. He still flamed S-Y by calling him a penguin, and a worthless sysop. He also said that Stooben is a backstabber against UnMario, since he wasn't really his friend. S-Y called around 15 people to flame Sonic Rocks on chat, but Sonic Rocks thinks he did that because he is a "coward and a chicken". Also, he came back and started calling Grapes "S-Y's wife/girlfriend", which made the two mad at him. Sonic Rocks has moved on to Yahoo Answers, and later returned to the chatroom under the name MrYellow, present with him was SmartyGuy11, Palkia47 and Xpike, he soon started accusing SmartyGuy of being Rudnicki, because he had The_Spanish_Inquisition in his nick (he was unaware that it was named after the Monty Python sketch of the same name). He soon began to flame Xpike and SmartyGuy, claiming that they were evil among other things.

He agreed with Userpedia to stop spamming and flaming because of a deal proposed by Crypt Raider, although at roughly the same time, Boozooka attacked the Editthis Userpdia under an anonymous moniker, many mistook this to be MrYellow and there was uproar.

MrY regularly visited the chatroom, but due to the fact that many users found him to be extremely annoying, many users began to flame and insult him. Due to the fact that Pokémon Trainer Elvira was in very similar circumstances, MrYellow supported her campaign to get Userpedia moved back to Wikia from Adriels, but to no avail.

His activity heavily declined after he moved to YouTube and got friends there. However, details of this information weren't provided yet.

Short comeback

He came back to the forums as Cristina Ricaldi (It's unknown why he used this name, probably because Cristina Ricalde is a character from Isa TKM, a show he likes) in December 6th, 2009. Made a few posts and got banned afterwords by Stooben Rooben. Despite his comeback, he didn't spam at all, but his ban was result of sockpuppeting. He was almost reformed by a few users, including Neptune99.



  • "THIS IS NOT RELATED TO ATARIVERSE" - Spam at Peach's article
  • "lol i'm invincible" - From a spam page of Mariowiki
  • "WHERE'S DA CODE lol" - When SR asked to be Kool Koopa's friend.
  • "I ROFLOL at u, stupid sysops" - Trying to offend Super-Yoshi at S-Y's Talk page.
  • "That's-a Mama Rudnicki to BTK and her imaginary friends/Sockpuppets!" -Banning Maria Thalia 01 (Bowser The King on Un-Mario Wiki).

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