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An unknown sockpuppet.

Sockpuppets, often called Clones, are clones of a Troll. They often attack after the real spammer is blocked by a Sysop, Bureaucrat, or Patroller. Their main objective is to carry on the legacy of the real spammer.

Shady Koopa, Smoke, Inuyasha Zero, The Goomba, and Willy on Wheels have the most sockpuppets, all of them having over thirty (see their individual pages for each number). A typical troll only has a few sockpuppets.

Sockpuppets are usually easy to defeat since they usually carry their family name. Sockpuppets of users are rather actual doppelgängers of legitimate Users who often have names similar to those of the people they imitate. In common cases, user Sockpuppets actually believe themselves to be their parent User and therefore attempt at destroying their legitimate answer to take over his or her life; however, none have succeeded in these goals so far.

Good Sockpuppets

Some believe that there is the possibility of good sockpuppets. Indeed, some legitimate Users have sockpuppeted themselves for reasons such as temporary blocks (for instance, 3dejong once erected a 2dejong sockpuppet after a mistaken block) or to end otherwise impossible disputes or errors (an example of this happened when Super Luigi 821 became "SuperLuigi821" and, due to the instance of "perL" in his name, could not edit; he then sockpuppeted himself as Glitches to carry out the execution of the Perl glitch). Also, Superchao lost his password and came back as TheGreatBlockyBoo. On January 26, 2008 KP Shadow/Dark Toad created a sockpuppet known as Informant for the same reason as Superchao only with a twist, he was trying to find out his old password or get a new one, in fact his userpage is just a sentence with a link to his other userpage. Magitroopa, like Superchao, lost his password and is right now known as Torpedo Sandwich.

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