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Smg2daisy's Gallery

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Smg2daisy has draw a ton of sketches and they can be view here. <gallery perrow=3> File: Lumalee.jpg | Welcome to the Luma shop! File: Smashing Smasher.jpg | Hi Smasher! File: Daisy.jpg | First drawn Daisy. File: Smasher.jpg | Our mod is acting cool with Spike File: Rat.jpg | Ralphfan's current avatar. File: NotA Bannable Offense.jpg | Derpy! File: Cirdec.jpg | Cirdec's current avatar. File: Baby Luigi.jpg | BabyLuigiOnFire File: Nathan Drake.jpg | One of Master Crash's old avatar. File: Magikrazy old.jpg | One of Magikrazy's old avatar. File: Solar Blaze.jpg | Solar Blaze's avatar. File: Rosalina.jpg | Rosalina and Luma. File: Boo.jpg | Just an ordinary Boo. File: Japan Daisy.jpg | Too bad I choose a bad paper... File: Rosalina 01.jpg | Yet another picture of Rosalina. File: Meowth.jpg | Another allie of Smasher. File: Kirby.jpg | Here comes our Kirby! File: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.jpg | Finished this in two days. File: Kirby Superstar!.jpg | Yeah Kirby! File: Kirby M.jpg | Maybe he is more cute with a mushroom and a cap... File: Wind Garden.jpg | We are in the Dusty Garden Galaxy! File: Awesome Koopa BW.jpg | Awesome Koopa's avatar. File: Cheese! Daisy.jpg | Daisy with her camera. File: Monobear.jpg | Upupupupupupupupu! File: Daisy and Peach.jpg | A picture of both princess. File: Now, Bow To Me!.jpg | "Now, bow to me!" File: YoshiKong by Smg2daisy.png|YoshiKong File: Rainbow In Gala.jpg | I wanna be 20% more cooler.