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Rank MW:User
Species Bean
Gender Male
Allies Ultima Bahamut, Beanbean, CAPS LOCK LORD, Stooben Rooben, Z3r0 Tw0 and Girrrtacos.
Likes Video Games, Flash Animations, Sprite Comics, computers, Weird Al, Monty Python, The Simpsons, Futurama, etc.
Dislikes Sports, n00bs, trolls
Aliases Mr SG, General Douglas MacSmarter, StarGate, The Spanish Inquisition, Lumberjack, Platinum Popple (UnMario), etc.
Age 14*, 19**

SmartyGuy11 (formerly known as Bigger sid and Super mallow) is a user of MarioWiki and Userpedia - usually preferring the chatrooms due to his "random, but serious" personality. He also has an alter ego called Mr SG, who often visits the Chat.

He has not edited the MarioWiki due to its load of information - seeing as how nothing more has to be added. He usually spends his days in the chatroom, but also considerably active on the Forums and Xephyr Board.


SmartyGuy11 originally joined the MarioWiki, under the moniker of "Super mallow" and fit in rather well, but announced he would leave for a week in early May. He did not return, due to losing his password. However in June, he created a new account, called "Bigger sid" (which would later be changed to SmartyGuy11) and began to spam; he was blocked for a week. He then created a sockpuppet known as "Biggest sid", which was almost immediately blocked. He very rarely edited articles and mostly edited his userpage. He eventually discovered Userpedia, and, as he became more active there, he became less active on MarioWiki. His account was temporarily blocked due to an unhealthy and unruly obsession with Miranda Cosgrove. He was also, at the same time, blocked on MarioWiki, once again for one month, for spamming Cobold's talk page. Next to his somewhat persistent editing on Userpedia, he got into arguments with other users, due to his controversial and bigoted nature. At this time, he started visiting the chatroom. One day, while using the nick "Uber_Smart", he was punished by TehDman (then known as Crypt Raider) for, supposedly, nick abusing. He believed that this was an unjust punishment and, as a result, created a sockpuppet, known as "UberMan", which he used to blank Crypt Raider's talk page with. He then admitted to being SmartyGuy on Palkia47's talkpage, and was blocked once again, this time for 3 months. In August 2008, he joined the Userpedia and MarioWiki forums (but was not active on the MarioWiki forums, due to being confused about how everything there worked), and was eventually suspended from the former for constant flaming and double posting. After this, he became active on the MarioWiki forums. After numerous blockings and a lot of trolling, he finally began to settle down. In May, 2009, he was promoted to Chatroom Operator, but other people in the chatroom misconstrued his incompetence as power abuse and complained; as a result, he was demoted. This, among a few other things, created much discontent between him and much of the community.

Other Personas

Super mallow

SmartGuy11 used to be known as Super mallow who resembles not Mallow, but a Luigi with red shirt and cap and purple overalls. He was a user that used to have a series of comics. He seemed to love Super Mario RPG and liked the series, Super Mario Bros. Z. (and still does) He was last seen in May 2007 where he announced he would be leaving for a week. However a week passed and he strangely did not come back. After many months he was considered inactive. Much later, SmartyGuy11 appeared on the MarioWiki and claimed to be Super mallow's best friend in Real Life. After many months after he joined he revealed first to Xzelion that he was in fact Super mallow after losing his password, he chose him because Xze (known as Great Gonzo back then) was one of his closest friends as Super Mallow. In Wiki Canon and fiction, Super mallow is a separate being.

Super mallow has appeared in his comics as well as getting a few appearances in Wiki's End. During Wiki's End, he joins Phoenix Rider and the others yet has no speaking roles as of yet and probably was just added as a cameo like Kelt, Bobbyyobby and a few others.

Bigger Sid

In 2007, SmartyGuy11 (then known as Bigger sid) vandalized various pages of Super Mario Wiki (apparently putting stuff relevant to Fred Fredburger, a character he was quite a fan of at the time) and for this was blocked for a week.

He even created a sockpuppet known as Biggest sid to get out of his block, but Biggest sid was blocked too. After a week SmartyGuy11 learned his lesson and tried to become a well known user.


After feeling really angry about Crypt Raider accusing SmartyGuy11 of nick abusing, SmartyGuy retaliated by posting a comment on Crypt's talk page that warned Crypt that he would take out his revenge. A few days later he created a Sockpuppet called UberMan and the first thing he did was spam Crypt's talk page by replacing everything on the page with "HALLO! I'M UBERMAN! AND WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!". He then admitted to Palkia47 that he was SmartyGuy11 and that he just wanted his revenge on Crypt without him knowing it was him, he then tried to blank it from the page's history. But before he did, Super-Yoshi spotted this confession and told Crypt. Crypt immediately informed Paper Jorge of SmartyGuy's actions and both his usual account and the sockpuppet were blocked.


  • He lives in Europe, along with Smiddle, Cobold, and some other users.
  • His Username is taken from his last name.
  • He suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (along with Ninten, SonicMario, SnackServ and PP) and really doesn't have many friends outside the Internet.
  • He is the creator of the 8-Bit Pic.
  • On UnMario Wiki, he is called "PlatinumPopple".



SmartyGuy11 and Palkia47

I really needz me some quotes >:3"
"Here's your quotes; SMARTYGUY SUCKS!

SmartyGuy11 and Master Crash

You have failed to amuse me




If there was ever a group of trolls planing to overthrow the wiki, it should be called the Spamish Inquisition


Can I spam your chat?"
"It's no fun spamming your chat when you're not suffering because of it

SmartyGuy11 and Boozooka

Does anyone care what Xpike thinks?"
"Some do"
"Just change my name to Mussolini

SmartyGuy11 and Palkia


If you are lacking a pair of arms tell it's a flesh wound


Have a fun!