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Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • Super Mario Boards2
Rank 2-Point List
  • User1
  • Monty Mole2
Species Ax Knight
Join date June 16, 2012 (MarioWiki & forums)
Gender Male
Allies None
Likes Koopa Bros., Bowser Jr., Mimi, Kirby Mass Attack
Dislikes None
Specialty/Most Active Bad capitalization
Aliases Skulldug

I am exeted for the tuch skeen

Skulldug. This came out wrong. Very wrong.

Skulldug13 (also Skulldug) is a user on the Super Mario Wiki and its forums. He is the brother of Pyro and does not go on nearly as much as his brother. He also has a comic, The Adventures of Meta Knight. It can be found here: http://www.marioboards.com/index.php?topic=21209.0


Skulldug13 joined on June 16, 2012 when he bugged Pyro. He quickly began to post in many boards with bad spelling and capitalization. Due to having the same IP as Pyro, people began to believe he was a joke sockpuppet of Pyro making threads about what was in a Koopa Shell. After that cleared up, Skulldug was welcomed by the community.

Skulldug13 joined the Awards Mafia II game shortly after joining. In this game, he was mostly responsible for getting Pyro almost banned due to not understanding his role card. In this game, he played Magolor, an Alien framer and roleblocker. He did not know he was part of an enemy faction and revealed his entire team to Pyro. He also started making odd posts about suspecting Xpike.

Eventually, after the incident, he was modkilled from the game. He also participated in the MK7 tournament and was knocked out in the second round.

Skulldug is currently at the Monty Mole rank on the forums, and his avatar is of the Koopa Bros.


Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars

Skulldug appears as a minor boss in Super Wiki RPG. In this game, he appears in World 1 as the boss, guarding Smasher's Chat Op stars after being ordered to do it by MCD.

Hopefully, his battle theme will be a remix of this.



bowjr , louie , mewtwo , cyndaquil , baby mario , tais , shyguy , knuckie joe and slippy toad

Skulldug's "dream roster" for Super Smash Bros. What is a Knuckie Joe-oh wait, he means Knuckle Joe.

hes mean to me all the time hes so mean...he is ...

...talking about Pyro?