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STATUS:CANCELLED until further notice. Please do not delete this, as after I have completed my three other projects, I hope to return to this.

WARNING: This comic contains strong language that may be unsuitable for younger viewers

Silence is an ongoing Comic by Kingbowser99. This comic will be more darker than KB99's Latest comic 1 Wiki Millenia. This comic is all about conspiracy and criminal war.


The comic starts with a Yoshi walking through a dark building, talking to itself. The yoshi then enters a room with 5 NukeDPLs.

Yoshis and Koopas are fighting on Karts near a castle somewhere in the Mario Wiki, and it is shown that Colonel Steuben is leading the Yoshi Bureau of investigation, while Captain L is behind the Koopas. Colonel Steuben and Captain L are about to engage in combat with each other.

Palkia47 awakens on a beach somewhere on a beach, awoken by a random Yoshi. Palkia47 sees a helicopter, and immediately remembers his almost encounter with the masked Number 1. Palkia then faints on the beach again, leaving the yoshi to have to deal with him.

Main Characters

Master Lucario

Master Lucario is a hired killer to kill the Protagonist. In this story, He is referred to as Captain L by Colonel Steuben. It is unknown why, but it is probably to do with the Alternate Reality Game Year 3001. He wields a 9mm Gun, a Kalashnikov and a Pump-Action Shotgun. He was first seen in the first issue controlling the Koopas against the YBI (Yoshi Bureau of Investigation).


Palkia47 is the Main Character in this comic. Much like the hero in XIII, he is an amnesiac, meaning he has no memory. He is being hunted down by the YBI, The TIA (Toad Intelligence Agency) and a gang of murderous killers lead by SvS, Porplemontage and Master Lucario Respectively. He wields all the guns, including a Ban Hammer. He is apparently Number XIII, however there is more to the story...

Colonel Steuben

A Yoshi who has been through many Wars, Colonel Edward "Scarecrow" Von Steuben is the Leader of the YBI, a group of Yoshis sent to Investigate a Murderous Killer and His associates, has lead him to hunt down the Protagonist. He works in the Sysop Tower, Along Porplemontage. He is only known to Wield a 9mm and a Ban Hammer.


General Steven "Porplemontage" Shinn is not only the leader of the TIA, but the Presidential Elect to be the Ruler of the Wiki World. Not much is known about him, despite him being the only one who is explicitly made certain of where he came from, which is Porplemontage. He does not wield a gun, but he is known to wield a Ban Hammer in certain Situations.


Waluigi is the incumbent president for ruler of the Wiki World.


Captain Alex Roger Mitchell the 25th was the captain for the TIA until Senator Totodile3456 took over his job and held him and Porplemontage Hostage. He seems to know alot about the Protagonist's past. He doesn't wield any guns, but he is normally seen with a cigar.

User created issues

Neptune99 has decided that he will let other users create issues for his comic. However, these issues will be INVITE ONLY. If you want, you may ask to be in (Like anybody will do that) and i will decide.



  • The starting plot follows the start of the game XIII, which is what this comic is loosely based upon.