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  • User - MarioWiki
  • User - Userpedia
  • Bureaucrat - Fantendo
Species Shroob
Gender Male
Allies My Bloody Valentine, Shyster, RAP, Bean, Plumber, Paper Jorge
Likes Chocolate
Moves Shroob Laser, Spinning Shroob
Aliases Shrooby, Shroobie, Shrooober, Shroobs, Greedy Punk

O RLY? MAMA! My Shrookiki stole my hat!

Shroobario, Chatroom

Shroobario (often called Shrooby) is a user at the MarioWiki. He was promoted on MarioWiki Jan 28, 2008. However, he was demoted in June 28, 2008. Later, he was promoted again August 9, 2008.


Shroobario Pineles is the First Admin, the main protagonist of the series and the designated pilot of SwordPretzel Unit-01. He is the son of "deceased" Gehirn bioengineer SLNO and PRETZ Commander (formerly Chief of Gehirn) Red Barchetta. After his mother's death, he was abandoned by his father and lived for 11 years with his sensei, Jesseroo, until he was summoned to Pretzel-3 to pilot Unit-01 against the Swords. He lives initially just with Njougahara Hitagi; they are later joined by DarkHero Sonic.

Around the age of three, Victor lost his mother to the Unit-01 Pretzel Experiment. As he witnessed this event, he was subjected to considerable trauma that had lingering effects upon him. Victor first appears in S.P. at age fourteen, where he has been summoned to Pretzel-3 by his father, Red Barchetta, to pilot SwordPretzel Unit-01. After refusing to do so, Barchetta brings in a backup pilot, Paper Jorge, who is so badly injured that he falls while trying to get off a stretcher. Reluctantly, Victor agrees to pilot the unit, and is able to defeat Aiko after his SP goes Berserk. Shortly after the Sword's defeat, Njougahara Hitagi takes Victor to live with him rather than letting him live on his own.


Victor initially shows a passive and laid-back personality, inheriting such traits from his relaxed life with his JesseRoo. When he is told to pilot Unit-01, he does so without questioning it, choosing simply to go along with what everyone else says. Though Victor denies it, he yearns for praise, and he eventually begins to pilot Unit-01 to gain the approval and praise of others, as well as the love of his father. He also continually tells himself "I mustn't run away!", further demonstrating his perceived need to move forward.

Victor shows a great fear of emotional pain and of being hated or left behind, likely due to his perception of being abandoned in his youth and, subsequently, blaming himself for not being good enough to make his father stick around. In general, Victor is shown to be quite introverted due to having little to no meaningful contact with others. In social party situations, he is shown to be quite uncomfortable, and he often has difficulty controlling his emotions around others. He is shown to the extreme of this, forsaking many lives (even his own) to save one person.

Physical Appearance

1390271359045.jpg Victor after the Sword Impact


Wiki Crisis

Paranoid and trigger-happy? I'm starting to like you.

BlueYoshter, talking to Shroobario in Wiki Crisis

Shroobario first appears in Wiki Crisis as a user visiting Max2 in his cell. When he and BlueYoshter are nearly blown up by MegaMario9910, they are sent to the Wiki Hospital where they start to recover. He is confirmed to later appear as an UnLogan.

The Shadow Chronicles

He appeared in The Shadow Chronicles, as a back-up agent to the Dark Team mission in Prison City. He froze Lil'Boo and BooKid when they attempted to escape. He also made a cameo in Master Wikians, in The 'Shroom HQ, walking past MarioBros777 and Phoenix Rider as they argued.

Indiana Jorge

Shroobario will appear in Indiana Jorge as the partner of Indiana Jorge. He is later revealed to be Jorge's and Bean's son, however Shrooby actually grew up all his life thinking that someone else was his dad. He rides a Wario type of motorcycle and also carries a knife around. Shrooby also quit school before he finished it. Shrooby dislikes the idea of Jorge being his father a lot, and throughout the story doesn't wanna admit that Jorge is his father. However in the end, after being with his dad a lot, Shrooby decides to do admit Jorge is his dad.

Wiki's End

Shroobario finally appears in Wiki's End, Chapter 7, Part 2. In it, after Bean and Jorge fell off a cliff, they apparently forgot who they are and apparently, their eyes also made them think they were stuck in a library. However Shrooby comes a long and makes them come back to normal. Shrooby then tells Bean that they better hurry, as the Final Battle will start soon.

Black Chaos

Shoobario is the team's rogue. He is the arch enemy of Alphaclaw11 and is great at his job. The information states:

Shroobario or Shrooby is an infamous thief and rogue. He's on terms with Alphaclaw11 as they knew each other and then split up as one chose to become evil and one chose to become good. Since that incident, Shrooby has done many tasks including the stalling or carriages and even the 1994 "Heist of the Legends". He never goes empty handed in any mission and grabs anything he can find. He's trained for 5 years in thieving and he tends to become serious when he is by himself. If he's with others, he tends to be laid back but still stealing and finding objects. He had the talent when he was young and has developed his skills since.

His powers are more to do with stealing and darkness which makes it good for night time jobs:-

  • Steal - Basic stealing from weak or medium enemies.
  • Dark Shift - Uses shadows to pull him into the dark and make him invisible. More effective at night.
  • Heist - A more larger scale of steal only it is used for bigger enemies or lager items.
  • Dark Counter - Counter with a dark element. Usually a bit weaker than other characters but has status effects to the people who were countered.
  • Aura Shift - Converts darkness into an sphere. Once that shape has reached its limit it can be used as a trap or an explosive.
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Flame's the name, fire's my game!

Flame the Fox

Flame the Fox is Shroobario's form in the Sonic dimension. It's a red "Tails". It represents Shroobario's serious and happy mood. The other, Volky64 is Shroobario's form at Kirby dimension. It's a brown "Volcano Kirby". It represents Shroobario's angry and playful mood.


Shroobario has two pets, Shrookiki, an shroobfied Ukiki, and Fracktail that is a friend of RAP's pet, Hooktail.


  • This user's name came from Wario (fan) + Shroob (species), in a similar fashion to Goombario.
  • It's good to note that Shroobario has three-fingered claws, compared to regular Shroobs who have pincher-like hands.



FTW = For The Win, therefore, WTF = Win The For.

Shroobario, Chatroom

Shroobario is a ultra pwnfull character... sadly he isn't in brawl ;-;

Shroobario, Chatroom

What an emo.
That's Mr. Emo to you, young man.

Toadbert101 and Shroobario, Chatroom


Shroobario and Lil'Boo's endless conversation.

ze cake is a lie, but ze pie is delicious!

Cook Shrooby, Chatroom


Shroobario after SSG, as Porygon Z attack him in chat

I'm going to Italy, If I see Mario, I tell you guys! ;)

Shroobario, Chatroom

The third kick comes with a free ban!

Shroobario, Chatroom

Wait, Who is Shrroby?
Dern kids these days with there fancy spell checkes. [/old]

A Rex & Shrooby, Chatroom

Grapes and St00by are colorblind. They are lucky they aren't letterblind like Steve. Poor him, he can't see the letter D! D:

Shroobario, Chatroom

And that's the true meaning of Christmas.

Tabuuownsall132x2 and Shrooby, Chatroom.

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