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Server's End

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Server's End or also nicknamed Wiki's End 2 is the sequel to the original Wiki's End by Paper Jorge. SE was started the same day that the original Wiki's End was started in the begining of June. Server's End plot was about a normal day in the MarioWiki chatroom until a Server Split, or NetSplit, occurs. The NetSplit somehow causes the sides of the chat to break in half and both sides of the chat drift away into different dimensions-one side lands in a desert and is then captured by some trolls and Porplemontage is tortured. The other side gets lost in a forest and is attacked by Mcoolister. Server's End did not get very far as shortly after its release, Jorge decided to work on a new comic called Ten Thousand Trolls which he nicknamed "New Wiki's End". While making Issue 6 of TTT (now Issue 4) the Fall of Scribblewiki occured and Jorge lost the issues to Server's End. Only three remain.


In the last issue, Jorge and his team go look for King Mario and Maria who have been separated. Jorge ends up being separated as well and is ttacked by a monster. This is where Server's End leaves off. It is confirmed that what happened was that the monster was Mcoolister, and suddenly Jorge disappears. Jorge's team goes to look for him, but along the way, meet Muigi, an user, and he helps Jorge's team fight off Mcoolister and save King Mario, Maria and Jorge. Later, Jorge and his team meet Jdrowlands who invites them into his home and acts very nicely and the chapter ends in a cliffhanger.

In Chapter 2, Porplemontage and his team are captured in a Troll Base. The users are locked away, ChanServ breaks while Porple is taken to the main room of the base. In the main room, Sam (a blood red Yoshi from MarioWiki: Clash) and other trolls torture Porple so Porple gives them the password to the wiki so they can take over but Porple simply does not tell. Meanwhile, the users fix ChanServ with "super geeky techniques" and ChanServ helps the users escape and fight the trolls. Porple and the others escape the Troll Base as the chapter ends.

In Chapter 3, Jorge's team finds out Jd is actually evil and trying to kill them, and they all flee. The team finds themselves in a temple ruled by DarkHero Sonic the Dark with his assistant RedFire Mario. RFM and DHS are using innocent users like GreenKoopa as slaves and we decide to bring justice and fight both of them off. In Chapter 4, Porple's team goes into a desert, Chapter 5, my team goes to a beach, Chapter 6, Porple reaches a cliff and somehow they manage to get to the other side. Throughout all these chapters, Pokemon DP is usually seen crying for someone to answer him, as he is all alone in the dark.

Once Chapter 7 comes, the two teams finally reunite and somehow also find DP. The teams both reach a dark looking place and then we find the enemy Thousand Tiger. Both teams and DP fight Thousand Tiger and although we weaken him, Thousand Tiger reveals his true form-Ten Thousand Troll, a dark and orange looking Bowser. Even after a big war, the users cannot defeat him. In the end, they take his spear and zap him with it to defeat him. After defeating him, in Chapter 8, we keep on going, reach a grassy field and ChanServ is able to communicate with Ryan of DarkMyst and we recover the chat. Before returning, ChanServ and Purple Ninjakoopa decide to stay behind and live a life of their own together, and Ryan builds a new ChanServ 3.0. The series ends but the trouble in the wiki is not over.