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Not to be confused with D.C., who is her Wiki World self.
Rank User
Species Human
Location Brazil (real life)
Gender Female
Allies D.C., Masako, Rebecca, Nando, Rafaela, Masae, Koopa Plushie, Brasil the Terriermon, Lua the Teddiursa, Sabrina the Gatomon, Richard T., Reinard T., Tails Doll, Werehog, her parents and some relatives, some unrelated fellas, D.C.'s allies
Likes Sushi, art, TV, games, Winter, humor, say random crap out of nowhere for comedic purposes, felines (Specially cats and foxes), nekos, fuzzy stuff, teddy bears and other plushies, sleep, RP, chocolate, play video games, drawing, her friends, comedic movies, make people laugh, listen to music, pineapple juice, cappuccino, sometimes scare people, flowers, sleep late, pizza, toast...
Dislikes Spiders, bad news, Summer, being disturbed when doing something enjoyable, perv people, false people, people with polluted mind, hang with people when upset, being flamed at, having her sleep interrupted, being pestered over and over, n00bs, any kind of prejudice, sleep early, being forced to do something unwilling, lack of humor, anyone that upsets her friends in any way, addictions like smoke and alcoholism and drugs, school, homework, insensitive people, "Bullying", "Cyber-bullying", etc...
Aliases Suzuki, Sú-Chan, Susú
Age 17
Personal information Real Name
Information access denied
Date of Birth
July 1st

Heh... So many easiness to lose electrons... Why not have the same easiness to lose the mother-in-law? XD

—''-- Chemistry lesson in real life.

(Real name unknown) is the D.C. of the real life. Sú and D.C.'s way of thinking are the same, though their personalities are pretty different, not to mention the age. It can be said that Sú's everything (Or almost everything) D.C. isn't: Shy, VERY quiet, rather anti-social, childish, not much self-confident, rather pessimist, insecure, nothing audacious, lazy. So, in other words, D.C. does what Sú can only feel like doing. Yet, the two still have something in common, like both being arachnophobic and very ticklish, for instance. Naruto fans (Or "narutards") could say that D.C.'s like Sú's inner.


Sú's pretty rather a tomboy. Unlike the other girls at her age, she's not vain and doesn't care much about looks and outfits, she's also not interested in relationships and never fell in love (and probably never will), not to mention that she's too childish. Because of those features, she's often hissed at, mocked and made fun of by the other teenagers. This also explains why she doesn't like staying between other people, staying mostly at her home. She also hates saying or doing something in public.


Sú haven't made any appearance in any comic yet. But she does appear in some mini-comics from Koopastool's Jokes.

Relationship with her Wiki World fanon

Sú can be considered as the mother of D.C. and her fanon (Koopa Plushie, Brasil the Terriermon, etc...), since she created them. Despite being absent most times (Around 99,5% of the time) Sú actually acts like a mother to D.C., like trying to get her off caffeine, since she believes D.C.'s addiction to coffee is unhealthy.


One of Sú's biggest passions is to draw, she draws whenever she can. It's possible to see a lot of drawings on her copy-bookies (Most of them are sketches). She also loves to play video games (This hobby is shared only by some cousins and her father), comedic movies and stay on the computer. And which is normal to anyone at her age, she hates school and homework.


  • She's Brazilian.
  • She doesn't understand English orally, she understands it only written.
  • Like D.C., she has Arachnophobia.
  • Her hair's short and very messy. When she and "Alyson" joined the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia, her hair was still natural and long. Then she made some blond hair wires. Later, she painted it slightly with red, which made her hair rather raising and fluffed up, turning it messy. Later on, she cut her hair short, with less weight, it became more fluffed up and raised. Currently, her hair's short and very messy, and in a kinda emo-ish hairstyle, and still has the red from her painting on the peaks. Her hair's VERY dark brown.
  • She's addicted to chocolate.
  • She has a bad memory. D.C. must have took after her in this...
  • Her skin's very pale, since she doesn't like taking sunlight.
  • She doesn't like hanging with other people.
  • She's a little temperamental.
  • She suffers from Onychophagia.
  • She can get very violent when having her buttons pushed.
  • At school, she is/was a constant victim of the "Bullying", an act used by students to harm others physically, orally or psychologically.
  • She has a scar on the right side of her belly from a surgery of life and death when she was 9. Fortunately, everything went okay, and if it didn't, probably you would never have met Koopastool...
  • She rarely talks to someone, since most times people are very busy to listen to her or because she doesn't feel like talking about certain subject. As a side-effect, she occasionally talks alone, talks to herself or thinks aloud.
  • She doesn't smile much, but she might burst into laughter because of certain memory.

The BuddyPoke!s

A female dressed BuddyPoke!
"Sú" is only a nickname, and for safeness matters, she doesn't give her real name, the only thing known is that she's a family member of the Schirmer's. She's the one that created the "BuddyPoke! fever/fad", which are small simple 3D dolls. She creates the requested BuddyPoke!s and D.C. delivers them on Userpedia. To make the BuddyPoke!s, Sú uses her BuddyPoke! application from Orkut and takes snapshots of the dolls when they're done. She makes BuddyPoke!s of other Users (It may be requested or not), fictional characters, random people, etc.




Putz... This is Hell...!

—'' after getting pestered over and over.

. . .


  • Snarls* Ugh. Coming...! Ah, $#!7, grr...
—'' when annoyed by her mother.

Because laughing is good, healthy, only make us well and is one step forward in the path of Happiness.

—''-- Koopastool's Jokes''

Ronaldo. Ronaldo. Ronaldo......


Eso non ecziste!

—'' talking like Priest Quevedo.

Listen here you... little 8!7¢#... If ya were REALLY useful, you would be living with your parents, not with yer aunt...! You're soo worthless that even yer parents don't want you!!

—'' talking to a girl that had pushed her buttons after stealing Sú's sunglasses on school.

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