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Rush Wiki

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Rush Wiki
Creator Paper Jorge and Super-Yoshi
Debut July 2008
Genre Comedy, Parody, Action/Adventure
Latest Issue Issue 8: French Toast
Rating T for Teen


The fastest hands in the south meets the biggest mouth on the north!

The original tagline for Rush Wiki.

Rush Wiki is an adventure/parody comic series by Muffin & Mushrooms Studios. It is based on the Rush Hour movies which star Jackie Chan (as Lee) and Chris Tucker (as Carter) as two detectives/cops who keep on messing stuff up and always end up destroying a lot of stuff and causing more trouble for the good cops. Rush Wiki is random skits from the movie with Lee being played as Paper Jorge and Carter being played as Super-Yoshi. The skits however have a twist to them, adding some stuff the movie didn't have. The series is canceled but it might return if Super-Yoshi himself decides to make the issues.

The popularity of the comic has risen very high, but mostly because of Jorge and S-Y's new characters, Lee and Carter, which have appeared as a duo in many other Userpedian comics such as Master Wikians, Ten Thousand Trolls, Friday Night Live, SSBW, WTF Tales, SmashWiki and User Soup. They also appeared in Child Swallows World - Ferrets Still Banned in China (vol. 2, part XII) (though despite wearing their Lee and Carter costumes, they are merely referred to as Jorge and S-Y).



Paper Jorge, during summer vacation 2008, watched the three Rush Hour films and after liking them a lot, he researched a little bit about Jackie Chan and saw a review for a movie called "Jackie Chan: My Stunts". Jorge went to YouTube and saw "Jackie Chan's Top 10 Stunts" and was amazed at how "awesome" Jackie Chan is and on chat, he changed his name to Jargie Chan and immediatly became a fan of all Jackie Chan movies. Super-Yoshi, who had also seen the Rush Hour films, queried Jorge and asked him if he could pretend to be Chris Tucker too. After Jorge said "Yes", he suggested names to S-Y such as "Spris-Tucksher" or "Spris-Yucker". However, Super-Yoshi when with Spris-Tuckshi. After that, they made random skits in chat and usually sang the War song which is the theme song for the three Rush Hour movies. Jorge, once while doing a skit, added a little twist to it, which, from then on, would happen in all next skits.

While talking in query one day, S-Y told Jorge that they should make this into a fan fiction or something similar. Jorge said it'd be cool but because he was already busy with Server's End and with helping SonicMario with Indiana Jorge he didn't think it'd be possible. About one day later, Jorge showed S-Y a poster he made with them in Rush Hour clothing with the words "RUSH WIKI" behind them. S-Y loved the poster and immediatly created an article on it on the old Scribblewiki, Userpedia. S-Y was excited that they were finally making a comic based on Rush Hour and many people immediatly liked the idea of it.

The first issue was released at midnight and S-Y immediatly thought it was hilarious and loved it. They made skits on chat and the skits would be reposted as a comic on Userpedia. Jorge and S-Y, in their Rush Wiki forms, appeared in some comics such as Master Wikians. Server's End was canceled shortly and Jorge began another different comic called Ten Thousand Trolls (which also had the appearance of Jorge as Lee and Super-Yoshi as Carter). Jorge and S-Y also started a project called Rush Hour 4 which was basically a totally new adventure for Carter and Lee (S-Y and PJ) where the plot involved Wayoshi blowing up Europe, Darkmyst and killing a couple users so they ae both sent to investigate.

Later, Scribblewiki, Userpedia met and end when a virus went into the server and many files went lost. Jorge and S-Y only managed to save Issue 3 of Rush Hour 4 and all issues of the skits except the first three (Jorge comments how it's a shame the first one was gone as it's the most special, being the first one and the third one gone missing because it was extremely funny. Jorge however comments that he disliked the second issue for being awkward and un-funny, altough the scene is funny in the actual movie). Altough Jorge and S-Y were pretty depressed about this, they still didn't want to move to Wikia, but Jorge, only wanting to keep his favorite comic alive, came to Wikia's Userpedia "only to revive his comic". He then quit again but S-Y made him go back to doing Rush Wiki recently on March 2009.

Rush Wiki "Main" Issues

From Rush Hour 1
  • Issue 2 (Missing) (All He Wanted was Mushu...)
From Rush Hour 2
  • Issue 3 (Missing) (Troll's Bar)
From Rush Hour 2
From Rush Hour 3
From Rush Hour 3
From Rush Hour 1
From Rush Hour 2
From Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 4-5

Rush Wiki
Creator Paper Jorge and Super-Yoshi
Debut Rush Hour 4 - Unknown

Rush Hour 5 - March 20, 2009

Genre Action/Adventure, Comedy
Latest Issue Rush Hour 4 - Canceled/Issue 3

Rush Hour 5 - Issue 3

Rating T for Teen

Drug References
Suggestive Themes

Rush Hour 4 was a "storyline" section of Rush Wiki rather than random skits. Rush Hour 4 was about Wayoshi nuking Europe, Darkmyst and killing many people. Carter and Lee are sent to investigate and a long the way they meet up with Yu and Mi and get in a fight with some Karate gangsters. The original script was going to have Carter and Lee meeting up with TGBB, who tells them that Wayoshi is behind this and that they should go to Europe immediatly.

They do so, however, upon reaching the place, discover that everyone's dead already and they have no proof that Wayoshi really did it and TGBB may be lying. Lee mentions that he heard TGBB was once arrested for lying to the cops, so Carter and Lee just forget about the case and go get some Mushu. The series was based on a real event in chat, where there was a Server Split and after Jorge and S-Y found out it was because Europe was nuked they immediatly created their own little skit about saving Europe.

After Rush Hour 4 was canceled, Rush Hour 5 was made in March 2009 by Jorge to return the Rush Wiki series. Rush Hour 5 explains what happened in the unfinished Rush Hour 4 and explains that after Carter and Lee went to Europe and found everybody dead, they finally found Thousand Tiger and Wayoshi's base with all the bombs. While fighting, Carter and Lee accidentally sent a bomb into space and blew up Mars. Because of this they were demoted from the wiki and both took their own ways for the next five years. In Rush Hour 5 (five years later after Rush Hour 4), after some "mysterious" users bring drugs into a Chuckola Fruit factory, Carter and Lee are called back again to solve the case.

Rush Hour 4 Issues

Rush Hour 5 Issues



  • 'BowserJrLover was originally going to be in the storyline section however was removed due to not having enough sprites.
  • Alphaclaw11 was originally cast as the French Cop, but later, Wayoshi took over that role. Coincidentally, they're both Yoshis.
  • The sprites for Carter and Lee's car (two different cars) are the same.
  • Issue 5 originally had Carter saying "Help..." at the end but it was replaced after Scribblewiki's Userpedia died.
  • From Issue 1-2, Carter oiginally had light green for text but it was changed to dark green.


To see characters and users already in Rush Wiki, see List of Rush Wiki Characters.

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