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Rank User
Species Lakitu
Join date March 19, 2014
Gender Female
Allies Everybody on the Mario Boards, Bobbie Fabulous
Relatives LativaWRECKSTER
Likes Yoshi, other Lakitus, Adventure Time, drawing, music, ice cream, horror movies, art, drama, geography, dragons, Pac-Man, Ridley, Super Smash Bros., chocolate, Randall Boggs Stevan the Tippex Mouse, Lemongrab
Dislikes Rain, thunderstorms, dark chocolate, Sulley, swearing, loud noises, piercings in ridiculous places slow computers, math lessons
Aliases RS, Red, Shell, RedShell2003
Age 11

RedShell is a Lakitu. She was first introduced to Userpedia in 2014 and decided she needed to make an account. RedShell loves to draw and write.


RedShell looks like a normal Lakitu, except her eyes are a different shape and a lot larger. She also has much more hair than the average Lakitu, and she has noticeable eyelashes. When she is in battle, she wears a metal casing on her right arm, which helps her swordplay skills. She has this sword in her hilt most of the time.


RedShell joined Super Mario Boards in early 2014. Her first thread was named "Do you like Skyrim?" and was also a poll. In April, Vommack joined and he and RedShell discussed the awfulness of Pink Gold Peach. This was discussed so much that every time RedShell types "Pink", "Gold Peach sucks" and "Gold Peach died" appears after it. RedShell later obsessed over Discord, then Pac-Man, and after that had no obsessions. RedShell started an ask thread which only Shy Guy Forever asked her questions. She gave up. In October 2014, RedShell's Real Life friend Caitlin joined as Bobbie Fabulous. She also joined the Super Mario Boards under the same name. RedShell then decided to lock herself, DragonFreak, NEXandGBX and others inside a dungeon so she could bring her fanfiction characters to life.


RedShell has a great sense of humour, but can't tell a joke. Almost everything she does is overlooked. RedShell is shown to like drawing, writing and reading, as she frequently leaves the Super Mario Boards to do these things. RedShell has a bad temper and even the slightest of things can set her off. This includes the doings of her brother, otherwise known as LativaWRECKSTER. RedShell was shown to be very annoyed when Joshua, a kid in her class, wouldn't let her be friends with his pet, Stevan the Tippex Mouse, because she liked dragons. She later gave her rubber a face and named it Trevor. Trevor can breakdance and climb trees. Joshua has yet to accept Trevor's arrival. RedShell was not the only one who felt this, as a dragon in her class named Wilfred desperately wanted to be Stevan's friend. Joshua stated that both Wilfred and RedShell must pass three tasks:

  • Say "I hate dragons" twenty times
  • Give Stevan some cheese from your lunch.
  • Change your profile pictures on the school email site to a unicorn for two weeks

RedShell and Wilfred passed the first task, after which Wilfred said "I really freaking love dragons" after Joshua had left. They passed the second task via RedShell's lunchbox. Wilfred and RedShell easily passed the third and final test. So they are now hoonourary friends of Stevan and Trevor. RedShell really hates Bonfire Night. It scares her to death. She is not pleased that this edit was made on Bonfire Night.

Powers and abilities

RedShell has a few powers which come in handy on her adventures. She is shown to be able to remove her shell from her back and use it as a shield. She can also read and play music.


RedShell is prone to being attacked if ever she loses her glasses. She also has no idea how to solve anagrams, and has a phobia of loud noises. She also really feels the heat despite the fact she is a reptile.



  • RedShell used to call herself TheYoshi1.
  • On sites where her real name is taken (how dare anyone do this), RedShell uses RedShell2003, 2003 being the year she was born.
  • RedShell is one of the youngest users on the Super Mario Boards, at age 11.
  • RedShell had to pay for her art book at school. It cost two pounds.
  • Sometimes RedShell wishes she was a Dragon.
  • RedShell's birthday is the 28th May.
  • RedShell's parents got married in Las Vegas. She is mighty proud of this.
  • She started a fad in her class which involved drawing faces on stationary and naming them "Hamish" for no particular reason. She still owns Hamish C, her calculator, along with another calculator she stole from her primary school named "Trice" after the French term for calculator, "calculatrice".
  • RedShell is a Grade 1 pianist.
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